Thursday, October 20, 2005

Where are McCain & Feingold?

I am not a supporter of the so-called campaign finance that was instituted with McCain-Feingold -as it didn't reform anything but the expertise in loop-hole maneuvering.

That being said, since it was in fact signed into law, all things should be equal and Geena Davis' new series "Commander in Chief" should be subject to those laws. Anyone that believes there is no correlation between Hillary's coronation on '08 and this series is seriously deluded. Not only were the Clintons the darlings of Hollywood fundraising efforts, but it is thought that Bill had dalliances with Sharon Stone and Babs spent a night at the White House when Hillary was out of town with her sick mother. Hollywood would love nothing more than another Clinton in the Oval office.

So this ABC series is a giant infomercial for the Hillary presidency. They believe that it will make the idea of a female presidency commonplace to the pea-brained red-staters by the time the next election rolls around. Tons of the Clintonistas are on staff at the show...including the infamous Sandy Berger (where is the federal investigation into those stolen documents in his underpants?)

Geena Davis was on Oprah talking about the show. Oprah RAVED over the fictional character and what a "big deal" it was. Big Deal? It's just a show...right?

Funny, somehow all of Condi's massive accomplishments don't seem to be a "big deal" at all... imagine that.

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