Friday, October 14, 2005

Swift Boat Vets Still Haunting Kerry

Carlton Sherwood is a decorated veteran of the USMC (sniper). He is also a prize-winning investigative reporter (he has received the Pulitzer Prize and George Foster Peabody Award among others and even has a media excellence award named for him). You probably recognize his name because he was also the man behind the anti-Kerry documentary "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal".

He is now suing John Kerry and Kerry’s Pennsylvania campaign manager (Anthony T. Podesta) for defamation, conspiracy and interference with contractual relations. He is using a Philadelphia law firm and the Baederwood Theatre is named in the suit (where I was going to see it before they wussed out and didn't show it).

I don't think Kerry realized that the Swift Boat vets were about a lot more than the election. They're anger had nothing to do with getting George Bush in had to do with an honest sense of betrayal by one of their supposed "brothers". My respect and appreciation goes out to all the swift vets for taking the criticism and speaking their minds even as the "party of free speech" constantly tried to shut them up. (Thanks Lew!)

Those that hate the SBV need not hit the talking points of this case here. I already read the Media Matters article claiming that Sherwood was an "extreme right wing activist" -which he clearly wasn't. Randall Terry is an extreme RW activist, Sherwood is a Republican.

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