Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SUVs: Evil Necessity

I have never read much (or cared much) about the debate over SUVs. I am assuming that "they are evil" because they use more gas than a Ford Escort. The flaw in that thinking is that you can't fit a family, the dog, the cat carrier and your luggage or soccer/hockey gear into a Ford Escort. What are you supposed to do if you have a family?

I guess celebrities and the ultra-rich-left can complain about SUVs because they have private jets, and I'm sure that an Explorer takes much more fuel than a jet...

They don't really make station wagons anymore, but the thing Cherokee is smaller than the Country Squire Station Wagon my parents used to have (complete with faux wood paneling). My Jeep also gets very close gas mileage to the Mazda 626 that I used to have. Also, what about the SUV mom (that's me) that barely drives compared to the Escort person that commutes 45 minutes to work each day. Aren't they using way more gas than I do?

When you have kids you become paranoid about the foibles of other drivers (at least I did) and want them to have the best chance possible if the worst should happen. That Escort has no chance against a Hummer, a Ford F250 or (God forbid) an 18-wheeler...the SUV gives a little more chance. Are mini-vans evil also? I am not sure how they fall in the "SUVs are evil argument". I wonder because, like the archaic station wagon, my Jeep is smaller than any minivan.

The reason that all this was swirling through my head this morning is because GM needs to make huge cuts in promised pensions and payouts and people are mad. The thing is that GM can't compete with the foreign markets that don't have to pay workers these benefits... The kicker though is that the reason GM is losing so much money is because SUV SALES ARE DOWN. So, just like the anti-smoking lobby...the anti-SUV lobby needs to think out their wishes. SUV sales down -business (Detroit) falls. Smoking banned and how many thousands (millions?) out of work...

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