Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sexism & Miers

I was really mad last night because I kept hearing that Laura Bush said that "sexism" may be a factor in the unrest over the Harriet Miers nomination.
Of course this is ridiculous as most people I know (or have read) wanted a Janice Rogers Brown or Pricilla Owens nomination. Why didn't he pick Brown!?
Well, I looked up the story and it's a tad bit different than how it's being portrayed. Laura didn't take it upon herself to make that allegation. I should have known before I got mad that this seemed out of character.

"When the interviewer said, ''some are suggesting there's a little possible sexism in the criticism of Judge Miers,'' Laura Bush replied: ''That's possible.'' (source)

The anger isn't about sexism. It's about records, experience and qualifications. None of which it seems that Ms. Miers has. Why doesn't Bush get it that THIS was the fight we wanted to have. This is a fight that is WORTH having... Conservatives have to be careful not to fall into this media crap and to get mad over the *real* issue at hand and not all this "he said" "she said" side story stuff.

Ms. Miers, you should do the President -your friend- a favor and recuse yourself. You may be a great person, but the base isn't happy. The '04 election was about these SCOTUS nominations. You have no experience either as a judge or in Constitutional law. David Frum has worked with you and feels you are not the strong personality needed for a position of this magnitude. Now's the time to be a friend to the President and your party. Take one for the team.

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