Sunday, October 02, 2005

Say It Isn't So...

I heard a doctor the other day say that 90% of people that are HIV+ do not know they have the virus.

Though I am not sure how they come up with projected numbers like that, it's still a scary thought. Are there really people in this day and age that have never been tested?! People, you need to get you heads out of the sand and get your butts into a doctor's office (make sure it's anonymous though for future insurance reasons).
I couldn't find any data to substantiate that doctor's exact claim but the CDC's website says that as of 2004 they suspected the number of undiagnosed HIV cases was @ 250,000.

EVERYONE should be tested. I don't care if you're married --at the end of the day, you have no idea what your spouse is doing...or what they did before you met.
This is not a "gay disease". It may be more prevalent in the gay community, but it is an equal opportunity killer. Women, you are very vulnerable as heterosexual intercourse is the leading cause of HIV in females. The Black population is also in serious jeopardy with much higher numbers being diagnosed each year. The age group most at risk: 35 - 44.

I am seriously shocked that so many people remain oblivious and untested. There are TONS of free clinics that offer anonymous testing and with "cocktail" breakthroughs; HIV isn't the death sentence it once was.

While I'm on the subject HPV is another disease that is spread like wildfire with most people affected completely unaware (most male -the main disseminators- show no symptoms) It's estimated that 75% of all 25 - 36 year olds have HPV. many women are under the FALSE impression that a PAP smear tests for a wide range of things -WRONG. You have to specifically ask to be swabbed for STDs as a PAP only certifies cervical changes. Maybe this will help bring the seriousness home: Me and AB’s 31 year old, pregnant, married gynecologist DIED a few years back from complications of HPV. Even if you're married now, you could have had it for years without your knowledge. This is easily managed once diagnosed (though it is not curable).

So be responsible. Get a full STD workup the next time you go to the OBGYN for your yearly. Get an AIDS test if you've never had one. Everyone should...

What Do You Think ABout AIDS Testing?
I have been tested.
I have been tested even though I am married -just to be safe.
I get tested regularly.
I have never been tested because I am scared.
I have never been tested because my IQ is 70 and I believe only "gays" get AIDS.

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