Monday, October 31, 2005

Rosa Parks...

Rosa Parks is currently lying in honor in the Capitol Rotunda...the first non-President/Congressional member and the first woman to receive that honor. I was happy they bestowed this honor on her and her family.

Over the weekend I heard from many that weren't happy about it --not that they don't think that Ms. Parks was a wonderful and strong woman or that she in deed she deserves to be honored for being the catalyst to the Civil Rights movement... Their argument was "who next?". If we begin to allow this highest of honors to those that aren't heads of state -then what are the qualifications and the limits? How far does this extend -what does this open the door to?

Should Rosa Parks be in the Rotunda? I understand the "slippery slope" argument and I cringe at the thought of Hollywood lobbying to have some L. Ron Hubbard-type lie there, but I still say yes.

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