Thursday, October 06, 2005

The "Right to Die"

I am sure all those that wanted me to burn my GOP card during the Terri Schiavo debates will not be surprised to hear that I am on the side of Oregon and against the Administration when it comes to the "Right to Die" case that is currently before the Supreme Court.

As I discussed briefly during the Schiavo case, The Man and I had the horror of watching someone in our family die a horribly painful and horribly slow death. He couldn't (or wouldn't) eat or drink. His pain meds did nothing. He wanted to die. Due to the fact that he couldn't have painless assistance in his wish he took it upon himself (out of sheer desperation) to slit his arms from armpit to wrist. Now you have to know that he was so weak that he basically hacked himself apart because he didn't have the strength to actually make a clean cut. Somehow he managed to live through that also. It was a nightmare and it was SO unnecessary.

I know that many on the (far) right hated "Million Dollar Baby" and at first I couldn't figure out why...but then it came to me. It made the perfect case for assisted death. A family member should never have to be put in that position. Imagine having someone you love begging you to help them die. Seeing their pain. Watching their agony...but knowing you could go do jail.

We don't let our pets suffer. Why should we let our families?!

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