Thursday, October 06, 2005

Right on George!

...Governor George Pataki that is. I was disappointed in him after his very vocal support for the "Blame America" museum at the WTC site, but he has redeemed himself.

Pataki is taking Child Molesters that have completed their prison terms and confining them in mental institutions. I am just waiting for the ACLU's announcement that they are taking this case and fighting for the pedophiles.

Before anyone screams "double jeopardy" there is a law on the books that allows for people that are deemed an "imminent threat" (which pedophiles are) to be held indefinitely even if they haven't committed a crime (civil commitment law). If that still rubs you the wrong way, please know that the child abusers in question are the worst of the worst that somehow managed to get TINY sentences for heinous crimes (i.e. -A man that RAPED a THREE YEAR OLD BOY and received THREE YEARS). Every one of the 32 men has been convicted of abusing young children.

If every state had Jessica's Law and a MANDATORY sentencing of 25 years for the first offense there would be no need to hold people in mental institutions.

The ACLU has already defended pedophiles in the past...let's see how long it takes for them to champion the rights of the three-year-old-child-raper.

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