Monday, October 24, 2005

Raising Racists

Lamb and Lynx Gaede, comprise the band "Prussian Blue". They have been performing since they were nine years old (they're now 13) and, unlike Avril Lavigne or Hillary Duff, they're not singing about boys and teenage angst...their message is one of white supremacy.

The twins' mother and grandfather are both white supremacists (his cattle brand is a swastika) and they have been raised (and home-schooled) with this message of race separation and superiority.

You can hear one of their songs: Sacrifice. It praises the efforts of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer. Their producer says it's no different than much of the "gansta rap" that glorifies "killing whitey" --and I may have to agree with that a bit. I wish there wasn't either.

Personally, I find this disgusting...and sad.

Here's the thing though...what is modern day America doing to help this? How can we say this is wrong when we have other race-separating things like the "Black Movie Awards". It always seems to me that the ones looking to "make things even" are the ones highlighting the distinctions. Why can't there just be AMERICANS --no hyphens? Just "Movie Awards" with nothing before it, for the most deserving of all races? As long as the hyphens remain and we divide ourselves...there will be a bigger opening for people like April Gaede...raising tomorrow's racists.

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