Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Principal With Fantasies of a Communist Prom...

It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I am 100% AGAINST the self-important principal that decided to cancel his Long Island school's Prom this year because he felt "it was too decadent". Please. That's what the prom is all about... (*They didn’t take a vow of poverty buddy*)

There will always be rich kids and poor kids -so are you going to cancel your life because you can keep up? Here we go again --I am sure that the Democrats are like, "Right on! That principal is awesome--damn those evil rich kids and their ability to buy a Vera Wang when some kids have to get an off-the-rack ZumZum". These kids need to get off their asses. The Prom was something to work for, keep your grades up for... I used to clean people's houses so I could buy my dress and all the accoutrements. If you can't afford your own limo, you do what we did and pool together with a few other couples.

What lesson is this teaching these kids? That when someone has more than you, you just drop out? When in life do you get out of something because someone else has an advantage? Come on, poverty breeds creativity --so you won't have the most expensive dress/tux there, but you can certainly have the most interesting. (Case-in-point: This Pic is from one of the poorest school districts on the East Coast) Learn to live in the real world -if you were born poor, you will most likely always struggle. There comes a time you must maximize what you have and stop complaining about what other have that you (most likely) never will.

What false lessons are we teaching these kids?
(*thanks to Liz for this story)

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