Saturday, October 01, 2005

Philadelphia Magazine not dissing all Bloggers...just a few.

Philly bloggers are in a tizzy about a recent article published in Philly Magazine. What I'm pissed about is that I wrote a post months ago that basically expressed the same sentiments, but *I* didn't get published or paid for it. ;) Philly bloggers seem to have been blinded by a perceived anti-blogging sentiment in the piece and missed the actual point of the story.

The author, Noel Weyrich, doesn't say all bloggers are stupid --he is saying that the "we forced the news to talk about LaToyia Figueroa" may have been true, but that the *reason* that the media wasn't talking about her was not because she was was because the STORY WAS BORING AND PREDICTABLE --I know that's sad, but we are all grown here and we know that news is a commodity (Like I said from the beginning).

Weyrich is also saying that all the back-patting is unduly self-congratulatory. Latoya's body was not found because of any Philly Blogger. LaToyia 's body was found because the man that killed her (her baby daddy) took the police to where he left her. Latoyia's body was found because the Philadelphia police department (specifically homicide) is top-notch. Do people think the police wouldn't have done their job without the blogs?

I didn't take this article as anti-Blogger. Actually I quite enjoyed it...and laughed when the author gave a new name to a local blogger that I once bestowed upon him myself...

P.S. Philly Bloggers- not everything is a race issue. Sometimes a cigar non-sensational story is just a non-sensational story...

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