Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pajamas to School

Liz sent me this link that discusses the new phenomenon of PJs as outside wear. Is this going on all over the country --or is this a Philly/Jersey thing?
At first I thought it was a fluke, you'd go into WaWa (convenience store) and see two girls in flannel pajama pants and slippers (or soccer sandals and socks) and I'd just think, they needed tampons or some other emergency item. Then I started see them in the mall and coming out of school buses...
Justice's school, Stepford Elementary, has even begun selling flannel PJ pants in their school colors with the school name emblazoned on the waist band. The Man wishes that things were still like the 40's and 50's when everyone always looked good -the men in hats and suit jackets and the women smart and sexy...but alas it seems we are sinking further into appearance apathy than emerging from it.

A senior in the article had this to say:
"They may be comfy, but it makes you look trashy and it gives you the idea you can just slack off for the day."
You will not be seeing either of my children leaving the house in bedroom attire -at least while I'm breathing.

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