Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Other White Meat

Notice to all those that participate in the "Carnival of the Recipes":

In celebration of Pork: The Infidel Meat and in response to the fact that the United Kingdom has obviously lost it's collective mind, SWWBO has decided that this week's upcoming Carnival will only accept PORK RECIPES. P-O-R-K O-N-L-Y.

OK, Here's the back-story to this...

In the not-so-distant past the U.K. has banned or restricted the following books/movies from the school system as not to offend Muslims:
The Three Little Pigs, Charlotte's Web, Babe, Olivia, and Animal Farm.

If that wasn't kooky enough they have had a 100 year old wild boar statue removed and seized porcelain pigs from a private home.

And NOW they want to BAN PIGLET! P-P-Piglet, piggy banks and other "pig-related" items are all on the list to go.

(Read the complete story at LostBudgieBird -who did a GREAT job putting this all together and spreading the word. Relapsed Catholic has started a "Free Piglet" campaign.)

So, gather your Infidel Recipes and submit them for mass consumption to The Carnival Email. Stop the spread of Sharia law...EAT PORK!

UPDATE: Beth has graciously allowed me to host the Carnival this weekend --so get your best PORK recipes in by Saturday morning! (You can send them to the recipe email above or directly to me...)

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