Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Twisted Brain

Lately I have been having all these useless epiphanies. Strange meaningless little things...

Here's one:

Everyone wants relationships, opportunities, meetings, interviews, etc. to be about "what's on the inside". We tell our kids that all the time, "It's what INSIDE that counts honey." We want it to be so --even though it never is.

Some women with little girls ban Barbie and her 38-24-38 figure and shield their daughter’s eyes when Victoria's Secret commercials come on. "You want a man to love you for YOU" ...and all that other wishful thinking.

I began to wonder if people really ever could care first and foremost about what was on the inside. Could we ever have a world were looks were secondary.

We could. If everyone was pretty. If a man walked into a room with 50 beautiful women, that would be the first time personality WAS the most important factor.

Sad that the only way to achieve what everyone wants would be to embrace the very thing everyone is fighting against.

Plastic surgery for all! LOL

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