Thursday, October 20, 2005

My "Illegals" Quandary

There have been tons of talking heads, championing one side or another, after Bush and Michael Chertoff's (long overdue) tough speech about our borders and illegals.

I'm confused. Pundits for both sides keep talking about all these jobs that Americans "don't want". They keep saying that our economy "needs" these workers. Can someone explain this to me. If there is even one person receiving welfare that isn't disabled in some way --how can we need these workers? As of June 2003 there were 4,955,479 welfare recipients in the US. How can there possibly be jobs for illegals? Isn't the premise of welfare that you can't get/find a job? Who cares if these are jobs "people don't want"... What is a job that someone doesn't want? A job isn't's work. I know The Man certainly doesn't have fun at his job -crawling around all summer in 140 degree attics...

This is what happens with me. I watch Katrina coverage and have compassion and ache and cry for these destitute people. Then I see statistics and hear about all the jobs that “aren't good enough” because it's easier to pick up a check than wash dishes and I lose compassion. It's really a shame for those that desperately need the helping hand -that will always be stigmatized because more people abuse the system than truly need it.

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