Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Left is Confused Again...

It has been said here on this site, by Andrew Sullivan (on Bill Maher) and by numerous people in my "real" life: "Well, you voted for him" or "Bet you wish you would've voted for Kerry now" or "Now do you regret how you voted". This is all playing off the anger that many conservatives are feeling toward the Bush Administration.

Uh, no. I don't regret my vote for a second. What was my alternative? Don't vote? That wouldn't happen. Apathy is worse than anything. Vote for Kerry? Never.

You see, what liberals can never seem to grasp is that fact that Kerry was never an option. When conservatives (or this conservative) is mad at Bushy it's because he isn't being CONSERVATIVE enough...so voting for a Ted Kennedy liberal would hardly be a solution. Can you see him as President during Katrina...? "Why Lovey, why aren't those people just flying out in their jets?!"

When we get mad at Bush it's because he's too worried about public opinion. We're pissed that he's not letting the troops fight to WIN this war. So electing a pacifist would have changed that?

When we're mad at Bush it's because our borders have more holes than a cheese grater...and Kerry would have sealed the borders?

When we're mad at Bush it's because he has yet to veto a bill or demand that Congress trim the fat...and a "welfare-will-solve-all" Democrat would have solved that for us?

When we're mad at Bush it's because he should have picked a steadfast, unapologetic pro-life conservative as his Supreme Court nominee, but even Harriet Miers will be better than any Kerry pick.

So please, stop with the "we voted for the wrong person" stuff. We NEVER would have voted for Kerry. We are mad that Bush isn't living up to our expectations (or his promises), but -at least for me- Bush on his worst day is still better than Kerry.

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