Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Internet "Love"...

"Two former girlfriends of married (with three children) New York City endocrinologist Khaled Zeitoun have sued him recently, according to a September New York Post story, claiming that they had been tricked for years by his lies. Tiffany Wang said that Dr. Zeitoun had
(1) told her on their first date that they had been married in a previous life, that he regretted mistreating her, and that he had been searching for her in this lifetime to make amends;
(2) told her that the devil had taken his soul 14 years earlier, that to get it back he had to agree never to marry, and that Wang was the first woman to make him regret the deal; and
(3) that when he actually popped the question to Wang in May 2002, he never intended to marry her but wanted merely "to see the look of joy on her face."
The doctor made a habit of pretending to be single and finding extramarital romance on the internet.(source)

Then there's This Guy who meets women on line and now been married seven times. His proclivity for paperwork obviously isn't as good as his chat skills --as he was just charged for bigamy.

Could there really be women this gullible? Do you think if he's married and talking to you there aren't others? If he leaves his wife for you how could you ever trust him within 20 feet of a computer? I am sure that there are TONS of crazy stories like this out there...but we'll never know because most people aren't talking...

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