Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In the Sandbox...

Good News from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraqi Citizens Catch Terrorist, Turn Him in to U.S. Soldiers
"BAGHDAD — A group of Iraqi citizens living in southwest Baghdad, weary of violence in their neighborhood, detained a suspected terrorist, then made a phone call to a Task Force Baghdad tips hotline so Soldiers could come and get him.

The Iraqis called the U.S. Soldiers late in the evening Oct. 8 and a patrol from 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment arrived within minutes.

When the Soldiers got to the scene, the residents handed over a terror suspect the unit had been looking for the night before. The suspect was detained for questioning.

Iraqi Security Forces and Task Force Baghdad officials continue to encourage all Iraqi citizens to report suspicious behavior by e-mailing or calling one of the TIPS hotlines at 07901737723 or 07901737727.

In other combat operations Oct. 8, Iraqi Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Iraqi Army Brigade carried out an early-morning cordon and search in the Abu Ghraib district of west Baghdad.

Within 20 minutes of their arrival at the suspected safe house, the Iraqi Forces had secured the area and detained two terror suspects. The suspects are believed to be involved in killing and kidnapping Iraqi Police officers, planting improvised explosive devices, and making remote-control detonated bombs at an electronic shop in the neighborhood.

Elsewhere, Coalition Forces captured seven terror suspects while conducting six cordon-and-search operations in north Baghdad. One of the suspects taken into custody is thought to be a member of a car bombing cell. Another is believed to have placed roadside bombs targeting Iraqi and Coalition convoys. A third suspect had a rocket-propelled grenade sighting device and four spools of wire in his possession when he was captured." (Task Force Baghdad PAO, CENTCOM news wire)

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