Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In the Sandbox...

Iraqi Security Forces Man Combined Patrols and Check Points With TF 1-163
FOB WARRIOR, Iraq— Soldiers from the Iraqi Army and the 116th Brigade Combat Team’s Task Force 1-163 Infantry executed combined patrols and traffic checks Sept. 17 to protect a peaceful rally in the city of Abassi, Iraq, from would-be terrorists.

The rally, organized by the citizens of Abassi, was to promote participation in the upcoming constitutional referendum election. Unfortunately, gatherings of citizens have been targeted by terrorists in the past.

“The purpose of the combined operation was to keep terrorists from infiltrating into Abassi with a VBIED or a suicide bomber to disrupt the meeting,” said Capt. Todd Benson, a TF 1-163 civil affairs officer. “In fact the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police had the area locked down tight before we were called in to help out.”

According to Benson, the rally was a success and happened without incident because Iraqi security forces worked with coalition forces to make sure that the surrounding area was secure.

Working with Iraqi security forces as they begin to take full responsibility for the security and stability of the region is part of the 116th BCT’s mission while deployed in north central Iraq. The unit’s mission also includes assisting Iraq’s new government, supporting economic development and facilitating communications.

The 116th BCT is comprised of headquarters and staff sections, two armor battalions, a mechanized infantry battalion, a support battalion, a field artillery battalion, an engineer battalion, and various intelligence, signal, and specialized units. The 116th BCT is one of several Army National Guard units deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. (by:CPT Monte Hibbert, 116th BCT Public Affairs, CENTCOM news service)

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