Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Need a Talk Show...

Until about 1999 I was a huge Howard Stern fan. From the day he first came to Philly I listened everyday. People always used to say, "He's so vulgar, how can you listen to him", but the thing is he really wasn't all that vulgar and I always suspected that was coming from people that never really listened. Or maybe I was just immune to "guy talk" because most of my friends have always been guys. Anyway, the reason that I liked him so much is that he would ask people anything -he wasn't beholden to politicians or Hollywood so he was free to ask the questions that no one else would. When he started being Hollywood, I stopped listening.

It's maddening to me when I watch talk shows or news interview shows and the host blatantly ignores the elephant in the room questions. If they're friends and they're afraid of offending the person, that means they've outlived their usefulness as a host...

Oprah did a whole show the other day on Global Warming and Leonardo DiCaprio was her "correspondent". So there he was showing off his hybrid Honda Prius and telling the Oprah soccer mom crowd how evil SUVs are...and Oprah asks him nothing but does he really drive the Prius. Wow, tough question. I started this site so I wouldn't have to yell at the TV, but I find that I still yell at the TV and then have a place to vent later.

Here's my question to Leonardo:
Leonardo, my first question is, is the Prius the *only* car that you own and have you forgone taking limousines and private planes (That looks like an SUV in the picture!)? What I am wondering is if you actually think that the mom with the SUV that she puts 7,000 miles on a year (that's her only vehicle), who's heating a small three bedroom house should be talking criticisms from Washington and Hollywood that have fleets of cars, private planes and jets and are heating and cooling multiple mansions? Don't you think that it's a bit hypocritical coming from the Gates, the Kerrys, the DiCaprios, the Winfreys and the Kennedys? Don't you see that the elite probably use more than an entire state of soccer moms?

I get so aggravated when people don't ask the hard questions. Even Bill Maher, who claims to be so irreverent, won't do it. Howard may have been vulgar to some, but he's the only one that had the nerve to ask pertinent questions (and not just someone's cup size...)

I'm ready to host a show and I promise not to get all "Hollywood"... ;)

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