Friday, October 21, 2005

I can't even think of a title...

By now everyone has heard about the "mother" (LaShaun Harris) whose "voices in her heard" told her to strip her babies naked and "throw them to the sharks" over the San Francisco Bay bridge...which, disgustingly enough, she did.

As I watched the story, and the faces of those three small children, all day yesterday Cig's impassioned arguments about mandatory sterilization kept dominating my thoughts. So un-PC and seemingly so necessary. Here's the thing -if a mother is doing heroin while pregnant she can be involuntarily hospitalized to make her stop. The court always looks at what's in the best interest of the baby. It's part of our social contract. So why are diagnosed schizophrenics and bi-polars free to procreate? I won't even go as far as Cig with sterilization, but how about those implanted birth controls? I think it's reasonable...and in the best interest of any children that would be born to someone with "voices" in their head. (I also think it would be appropriate for mothers on welfare and those with children already "in the system")

I don't think this is a heartless stance. It should be about the kids. I can't take anymore of these stories...

So, the question is:
Should There be Mandatory Birth Control for the Seriously Mentally Ill and Chronic Welfare Mothers?

Mandatory Birth Control?
No, never.
In Extreme Circumstances
Only if there has been previous abuse.

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