Thursday, October 27, 2005


Have you heard this term..."FITZMAS"? I hadn't until last night.

I guess I'm allowed to talk about this...
A while back I was invited to sit on a "Blogger panel" at the Philadelphia Inquirer and the big event took place last night. I wanted to tell you all about it before it happened, but I wasn't sure what I could/couldn't say. I know it's a bit ludicrous, but I'm still not sure what I can divulge...

This is Philly, so I was the token conservative on the panel. I was actually going to make a shirt that said "Token Conservative" to wear, but then I remembered the lesson I have learned in this medium over the past year...the left has no humor. So, I just wore a big cowboy buckle, cowboy boots and a cross because I figured that said the same thing. LOL.

The other panelists were: Atrios (his blog is Eschaton and he is the second biggest lefty blogger after Daily Kos), Suburban Guerilla (HARD CORE left- also has a big following), Things Thrown Away Five Minutes Ago (who was billed as "straight news" with no leaning, BUT all his links are left and his politics are left), and Afro-Netizen (also left, but a REALLY cool, articulate and witty guy who I will be linked in my "left" section).

Anyway, I'm not going to get into the panel itself (which was attended by reporters and editors from the paper and a throng of Temple University journalism students), but the recurrent term "Fitzmas" that was cleverly inserted about 23 times.

This term refers to the "gift" of indictments that the left is praying (ooops, they don't do that) hoping that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will bring down against Karl Rove, Scooter Libby and (their real dream) Dick Cheney. Apparently there is already clothing and websites specifically dedicated to "Fitzmas" carols and wishes (it has also already made Wikipedia). Is it me, or is this a bit...well, immature comes readily to mind. Wasn't it the left that has screamed for YEARS about how Clinton was the victim of a gleeful, vindictive right? Wasn't it the left that has consistently said "it was just a blow job", when in fact it was perjury? Why are they so indignant about (suspected) perjury now, when back then it was billed as a "technicality"? Is that blatant hypocrisy I smell wafting through the air?

Just as they felt "it was just a blow job", we feel "it was giving the name of someone that worked at a desk at the CIA" and that ANYONE that sat outside the building could have known that she worked there as her car drove in and out over the past SIX years. So, did they expose clandestine paper filing?

Their Fitzmas joy has been postponed...there will be no indictments today. Don't mind me if I decide to be the Grinch for this (alleged) holiday.

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