Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Female Blogerati

Yesterday I went through the top 100 blogs in the TTLB Ecosystem and low-and-behold, only 12 of them are run by women. One of those 12 is Arianna Huffington's blog, so that shouldn't really count because she isn't posting everyday -that takes us down to 11. About three of those 11 are personal blogs so we'll remove them also. That means there are only 8 female political bloggers in the top 100 blogs. The top (most successful) four are: Michelle Malkin (#2), La Shawn Barber (#26), Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (#45) and Wonkette(#49).

Why do you think it is that women are so poorly represented in the Political slice of the blogosphere? It seems to me that they dominate the personal blogs.

I have a theory about it...

Having a political blog opens you up to every kind of criticism (even from the illuminati...LOL). In real life I have never had a man (or a woman for that matter) scream at me and call me the C-word, but I have received hundreds of emails that have. To maintain a political blog you have to be willing to steel yourself to nasty comments, degrading emails and people having the freedom of being able to hide behind a keyboard and say things to you that they would never have the nerve to say if they were standing in front of you. I don't use technorati anymore because of this. If there are horrible posts being written...I don't need to know about them. Anyway, I may be wrong, but I think it is this open hostility that keeps women from engaging in this corner of the 'sphere.

NationalSummary.com has decided to introduce seven female political bloggers --all of which have successful blogs even if they haven't cracked into the elusive top 100. Yours truly is one of those that agreed to be interviewed. It was one of the reporter's questions that inspired the thoughts about the inadequate showing of females in this arena...
(My Interview)

I would love to hear other opinions about this...

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