Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Even on Drugs, Rush is Right"

So, even though I am sick to death of the whole Plame-Gate business (no, it's not out of any Rove-apologist's just boring), King Conservative Rush has been the only person to manage to make the topic the least bit palatable.

The witch hunt (and speculation) is on about will there be indictments?", "who will they be against?" and the drooling has begun...AGAIN. The left has been searching to create Watergate for 5 years.

First it was the 2000 election, then it was WMDs, then National Guard-gate, then 2004 Ohio election...and now Katrina and Plame-gate. Rush nailed it --this is all retribution for Ken Star and the blue dress. I buy that 100%. The same guys that were out there standing up for Clinton are now chastising the SERIOUS CRIME of lying under oath. All over the news shows the Clintonistas are letting the public know that even if Rove or Libby didn't "knowingly out Plame" that being in CONTEMPT to a grand jury is a SERIOUS CRIME. Geez, it's a shame that the average American, watching the news while they scarf down their meatloaf dinner, will never catch on to the irony of it all.

I guess it's too much to ask that Democrats attempt to win back the House and the Senate in 2006 on the MERITS OF THEIR BELIEFS and IDEALS...or on their SUCCESSES for the American people.

(*Also, on H&C last night Rush was asked who he liked in '08 (who was the most "Reaganesque"). George Allen was the first name he said -that's right folks, I said George Allen was my first pick back in July… GMTA)

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