Saturday, October 01, 2005


Since I am in a foul mood when it comes to all the PC crap that is choking the life out of society...let me recommend a GREAT movie that decided to embrace and explore every stereotype you ever heard (instead of acting like they don't exist -or that they appeared from thin air and not a certain preponderance of truth).

The movie is the star-studded CRASH.

A funny story about the movie:
In the beginning, rap star Ludicrous (who is actually very good in this) is going off on a diatribe about white people, and then about how the black waitress had bought into the Black stereotype perpetrated by white people because she hadn't been a good waitress. He said that because they were black the waitress automatically assumed that they wouldn't tip.
Well, in real life Ludicrous stayed at a Philly hotel that my brother worked at (until he witnesses a "jumper" from the 12th floor). Ludicrous rolled in with his entourage and approximately $50,000 worth of Louis Vuitton luggage. He stayed for four days and tipped NO ONE. I wonder if he ever thought about that while saying the lines for the camera. I have heard that many of the Hollywood elite are piss poor tippers...

Anyway, everyone I know that has seen this movie has loved it. Cliché but I laughed and cried. I also don't mind rated R movies, nudity and strong if you do, *ignore this recommendation*.

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