Monday, October 10, 2005

Conservatives Being Used...

Have you noticed there have been conservatives all over the networks, the morning shows and even late night? Do you think it's because all of a sudden the MSM cares what the right has to say? Of course not. There is tangible glee in the air and it's because many conservatives are furious with President Bush over his Harriet Miers Supreme Court pick. The networks will invite conservatives on when they perceive a chance to get Bush's base to bash him. I just can't believe how many of them are falling for it. It's more than fine to be upset with Bush, but realize you are being used.

Not Laura Ingraham though. Katie Couric invited her on and received a resounding "No" from Laura. She gets it. Katie never had her on for her NYT best selling book. Katie never booked her to discuss her breast cancer or how she's still working everyday though her chemotherapy. Ms. Couric is uninterested in the fact that she is one of the only females to break into the male-dominated world of radio and succeed. Laura isn't just some disc jockey though --she was a speech writer for the Reagan administration, she was the editor of the law review in law school, she clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and practiced as a defense attorney all before starting her radio show in 2001. Now that's a female inspiration story...but Katie didn't care about any of that. She wanted to hear Laura lambaste Bush.

Ann Coulter disappointed me this weekend when she appeared on Bill Maher's show and gave him just what he wanted... I know you're pissed Ann, but come-on, you were in there having Ben Affleck agreeing with you! Ugh.

I know people get sick of the "perceived whining" about the media left-leaning bias, but isn't it a bit strange that only now that Bush's base is mad at him that conservatives are flooding the TV and the newspapers?

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