Thursday, October 20, 2005


Imagine you are being abused by your stepfather. He has done the vast gamut of unspeakable things to you. Each day as you hear his footsteps your heart races, your stomach churns. Some days he comes to your room and others he walks by your door -but the terror is always the same because you never know what's coming. This goes on for years and you don't dare tell anyone or ask for help for fear he will find out and your abuse will get worse...or deadly.

Then imagine someone finds out and fights to have you removed from the home and have him imprisoned. Then comes the day when you get to see him in court, in shackles, humbled and about to face charges for all the things that he did to you. Imagine the joy and relief you feel.

This is what I imagine the Iraqis must have felt as Saddam sat in his old palace yesterday morning and listened to the charges that will be brought against him. I sat there smiling for each widow and widower, each orphan, and each and every torture and rape victim. I am sure they never thought they would see this day...regardless of what the naysayers at the NYT are saying.

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