Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Children's Rights VS. "Civil" Rights

New Jersey has done something that I feel is quite gutsy and cutting edge. This may sound cliché on a conservative site, but how long before the New Jersey chapter of the ACLU cries foul...

NJ Sex Offenders Have Halloween Curfews and Restrictions

"Sex offenders subject to Megan's Law supervision will be subject to a Halloween curfew for the first time in New Jersey.

Offenders must be indoors by seven o'clock and can't answer their door when trick-or-treaters come calling. They can't attend parties where there are children and can't take any children, including their own, out in search of treats.

The curfew applies to the day that a town observes Halloween.

The rules were issued by the state Parole Board in a letter to offenders.

The board supervises about 2,200 sex offenders in New Jersey."

Not to leave PA out of the mix --they have taken decisive action also --and the ACLU is all over this one.

Newborn taken from mother who is married to a sex offenderAn emergency court order was attained to remove a newborn on Tuesday that was born to a father who was convicted of rape and sodomy and a mother that has a history of drug use.

Here's what the ACLU is saying:
"I think they're sending the message that if you or any member of your family screws up, you can kiss your parental rights goodbye," said American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Mary Catherine Roper, who represents the mother, Melissa WolfHawk.
The 53-year-old father, DaiShin WolfHawk, did not attend the hearing but said he was "just shocked" by the judge's decision.
"I thought I was living in America," he said.

Hopefully, this new vigor in protecting the most vulnerable of our country is becoming the new America. Nothing would make me happier.

(*Thanks to Liz for both stories)

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