Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Breast Milk saves a veteran's Life...REALLY!

Three truant teenagers on a bus in NY set a Vietnam Veteran's wheel chair on fire (Aren't kids great?). The chair rapidly became engulfed in flames. When Francis Abrams (who had lost his left leg in Vietnam) began screaming for water a new mom doused him with freshly pumped breast milk.

"The nursing mother's fast actions helped save Vietnam vet Francis Abrams, 57, from becoming a human torch, and stopped the fire from engulfing the S-54 bus, police and the victim said.

"It was put out with breast milk," said a police source, who was awed by the bizarre incident that happened just after 11 a.m." (source)

The mom had acted as soon as the fire had begun to spread to Abrams' jacket -the back of his wheel chair was melted, but he was unharmed...thanks to BREAST MILK (hear that TDFP! LOL)

Just one more reason folks... ;)

(*Thanks to PRM for sending this story!)

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