Friday, October 28, 2005

Again with the Purple Peace Pledge...

Last year I posted about a pledge that was sent home from “Stepford Elementary” with Justice and the saga that ensued (Peace Dilemma)
Well, here we go again. See here's the thing, I have no quarrel with promoting peace. It's naive in a world populated with human beings, but it's a wonderful (if unattainable) goal. What I *do* have a problem with is two-fold.
First, I have a problem with the demonization of our military and first responders (which I believe this does).
Second, I have a problem with SIX year old signing a pledge of an ideological nature -especially when (for most children) it means they will lie…

I have no problem with most of the pledge...and instead of making a bigger deal than it deserves this year, I'll just have him sign it without checking this one:
"________I pledge to practice peace, not war or fighting, when I play. I will not play war games or violent video games. I will not play with pretend weapons. I will not pretend to kill someone when I play."

His Halloween costume involves a giant bloody machete, he owns three army costumes, a special forces outfit, a SWAT suit, etc. and Mace and him capture and kill Bin Laden in our backyard at least three times a week...

I am also thinking I should call the ACLU and see if they'll represent me. I feel very offended that my child is being inculcated with an ideology. This is a GREAT school academically, but they need to stick to English, math and science and leave the ideology to me. I feel undergoing fertility treatments to get pregnant, pushing for three and a half hours to give birth, breastfeeding for sixteen months and giving up my career to be home every second of his life has at least earned me that right. Think they'll take the case? ;)

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