Saturday, October 08, 2005

1st Annual "Nastiest Thing Ever Written About ALa" Award

...awarded to someone from the party of "peace", "free speech", "women's rights", etc (yeah right)...

Remember Mr. Snarky Pants? Well, he is the recipient of this hard-earned award for this very open-minded, intelligently worded, non-misogynistic post about yours truly. (/sarcasm)

This spew of female-degrading profanities seems to be a direct result of the fact that I called him a "liar"...but (the poor dear) I never said that. I *do* think he's a freak and possibly an escaped mental patient, but at the end of the last post I wrote (and I quote):
"So, I guess Mr. Snarky pants isn't really a liar. He is just a VERY uninformed blogger."

So here's to you Mr. Snarky Pants... You are the nastiest, most vulgar, most misogynistic little man that I have come across throughout the entire blogosphere. Congratulations on that. You do your party proud!

(It must gall you to know that this "terrible writer" was just linked by the Daou Report for the fourth time...)

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