Monday, October 31, 2005

Rosa Parks...

Rosa Parks is currently lying in honor in the Capitol Rotunda...the first non-President/Congressional member and the first woman to receive that honor. I was happy they bestowed this honor on her and her family.

Over the weekend I heard from many that weren't happy about it --not that they don't think that Ms. Parks was a wonderful and strong woman or that she in deed she deserves to be honored for being the catalyst to the Civil Rights movement... Their argument was "who next?". If we begin to allow this highest of honors to those that aren't heads of state -then what are the qualifications and the limits? How far does this extend -what does this open the door to?

Should Rosa Parks be in the Rotunda? I understand the "slippery slope" argument and I cringe at the thought of Hollywood lobbying to have some L. Ron Hubbard-type lie there, but I still say yes.

SCOTUS Nominee

Earlier this morning it was being reported that Bush's pick for the SCOTUS nomination would be either Michael Luttig or Samuel Alito, but now Bush has named Alito as the choice. Chuck Schumer is already using the F-word...filibuster.

I would have preferred that O'Conner's replacement be a woman, but I am against quotas so if Alito was the *best* pick, then he should have it. It is said that Sam Alito is a judge in the mold of Scalia -which, of course, sounds good to me. (His Wikipedia page --What it leaves out is that he served in the Army reserves and was discharged as a Captain)

It seems that The President finally got it...this is a fight that conservatives want to have.

Prince Charles champions Islam?

Apparently Prince Charles is coming to Washington to champion the "merits of Islam" to President Bush... He feels we have been too intolerant since 9/11.

"It is understood that Prince Charles did not -- and does not -- believe that the actions of 19 hijackers should tarnish the reputation of hundreds of millions of law-abiding Muslims around the world.
"His criticism of America was a general one of the Americans not having the appreciation we have for Islam and its culture," said Khalid Mahmood, a Labor Party member of Parliament who attended the meeting." (source)

How about the 16+ incidents that happened before and after 9/11...including 7/7 in London? Could the prince be naive enough to believe that Islam is only suspect in the US because of one day? He needs to look at some time lines, some beheading videos and some of the statements from Muslim leaders over the past ten years...then he needs to read the book I'm reading right now: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).

Anne Rice Exits the "Dark Side"

Anne Rice (Author of The Vampire Lestat series and the Sleeping Beauty Series -for those of you that live under a rock;)) has returned to the Catholic Church and has now turned away from writing about "the dark side".

"I just said, 'From now on it's all going to be for you.' And the book I felt I had to write was the life of Christ. . . . When my faith was given back to me by God, redemption became a part of the world in which I lived. And I wasn't going to write any more books where that wasn't the case. You do not have to be transgressive in order to achieve great art." -Ann Rice (source)

Her new book, Christ the Lord, is about a seven year old Jesus who is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he's the son of God...

I just hope they don't have Tom Cruise play Jesus...

Halloween Fun...

Everyone should learn to carve a pumnkin...try your hand at this one:

Carve a Cool Punpkin

This one's for Desult ;)
Carve a Pumpkin II

In the Sandbox...

He’ll Remember the Soldiers
"Regardless of one’s take on the political opinion of this war and its cost, each soldier will carry this war zone experience in his or her heart forever.

You know how protective we get when someone bad-mouths our Harley? Well, this soldier feels an even more powerful gut reaction when someone starts waxing political, bad-mouths this war, our president and then in the same breath says “but I support our troops.” It is such a small step between criticizing our president and those of us who volunteer for military service.

God help us if we ever let politics dictate our military maneuvers. War can’t be filled with touchy-feely news reports, perfectly precise airstrikes or injuryless victories. The Wild West wasn’t tamed that way, so what makes us think we can fight even a modern war that way?

Well, this soldier is coming home, but a part of me will still be over here. So, forgive me if I don’t stand up and applaud or if I seem to have a little less patience with some bleeding-heart liberal making some speech against the U.S.A. being in this war.

You see, I can’t get the sight out of my mind’s eye of the wounded U.S. soldiers I have had come through this hospital who made sure they had the right and the freedom to sound so political." -Capt. H.R. Grimm, 228th Combat Support Hospital, Forward Operating Base Speicher, Iraq (source)

...Ft. Carson & Ft. Bliss girls...
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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Need a Talk Show...

Until about 1999 I was a huge Howard Stern fan. From the day he first came to Philly I listened everyday. People always used to say, "He's so vulgar, how can you listen to him", but the thing is he really wasn't all that vulgar and I always suspected that was coming from people that never really listened. Or maybe I was just immune to "guy talk" because most of my friends have always been guys. Anyway, the reason that I liked him so much is that he would ask people anything -he wasn't beholden to politicians or Hollywood so he was free to ask the questions that no one else would. When he started being Hollywood, I stopped listening.

It's maddening to me when I watch talk shows or news interview shows and the host blatantly ignores the elephant in the room questions. If they're friends and they're afraid of offending the person, that means they've outlived their usefulness as a host...

Oprah did a whole show the other day on Global Warming and Leonardo DiCaprio was her "correspondent". So there he was showing off his hybrid Honda Prius and telling the Oprah soccer mom crowd how evil SUVs are...and Oprah asks him nothing but does he really drive the Prius. Wow, tough question. I started this site so I wouldn't have to yell at the TV, but I find that I still yell at the TV and then have a place to vent later.

Here's my question to Leonardo:
Leonardo, my first question is, is the Prius the *only* car that you own and have you forgone taking limousines and private planes (That looks like an SUV in the picture!)? What I am wondering is if you actually think that the mom with the SUV that she puts 7,000 miles on a year (that's her only vehicle), who's heating a small three bedroom house should be talking criticisms from Washington and Hollywood that have fleets of cars, private planes and jets and are heating and cooling multiple mansions? Don't you think that it's a bit hypocritical coming from the Gates, the Kerrys, the DiCaprios, the Winfreys and the Kennedys? Don't you see that the elite probably use more than an entire state of soccer moms?

I get so aggravated when people don't ask the hard questions. Even Bill Maher, who claims to be so irreverent, won't do it. Howard may have been vulgar to some, but he's the only one that had the nerve to ask pertinent questions (and not just someone's cup size...)

I'm ready to host a show and I promise not to get all "Hollywood"... ;)

Would You Live Through the Horror Movie?

You're the Smart chances are you'll survive! :-)

You might get cut up & have some minor injuries, but you'll be victorious. The Killer better know NOT to mess with you anymore!

Will you survive a HORROR MOVIE??
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Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas May Be Cancelled...

Powerline is alerting readers to the indictment-predictions of the New York Times.

(Apparently the official announcement to come at 2pm, but I will be at a Halloween you'll all know before me)

If the Times is right...Fitzmas may be a little lacking for the left this October.
The article says that Cheney's aid Scooter Libby will most likely be indicted. Not for the original charge of outting a CIA agent, but following in Clinton's footsteps -perjury. They don't think Rove will be indicted, but they may keep his part of the investigation open. The talk of Cheney looks to have been wishful thinking.

We'll know for sure soon, but do you think all that Fitzmas gear is returnable? Well, at least now the left will know how WE feel when the ACLU cancels all of OUR holidays.

8:35am: FNC confirming- Karl Rove will not be indicted today, but will remain under investigation (though how good could the case be if they can't indict him after 22 months...?)

: Scooter Libby is indicted for obstruction of justice, false statements and perjury (5 charges).

1:20pm: Scooter Libby offered Dick Cheney his resignation letter.

Spotlight on the Left - Part V

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga a.k.a. Daily Kos

I often joke about how I don't take money for endorsements or ads and then take a shot at #1 liberal blogger Daily Kos. I actually didn't know much about him other than he has a huge following and the Left bloggers seem to revere him. I decided to see what I could find out...

His name is Markos Moulitsas Zúniga ("Kos" was the name given to him when he served in the Army). Yes, he is a former military man who changed his party affiliation while he was serving...he was a Republican. His birthday is September 11th which seems appropriate after what I've learned about him. He's my age. (source)

Here's the thing about Kos, he's not just a Blogger, but a Democratic consultant (with close ties to DNC chair Howard Dean). He's completely blurring the lines between Blogger/political operative and quite frankly I can see why the FEC is looking into how Bloggers will be viewed in the next election. I will go as far as to say that if we (as Bloggers) are restricted in that election it will be Kos who we can all look to first. He's a talking points guy in blogger's clothing.

Actually Kos, at times, has gone so far left that he has alienated some of the politicians that he was championing. John Kerry removed his link from the campaign website after hKos wrote this on his website (it was referring to the Blackwater workers that were hung, burned and killed in Iraq):
"I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries. They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them."

"The Democratic Internet constituency was and is motivated by one thing more than anything else: hatred of George W. Bush. To see that you only have to take a look at, run by Democratic consultant Markos Moulitsas, which gets 400,000 page views a day--far more than any other political weblog--and which received funding from the Dean campaign (which Moulitsas disclosed). It seethes with hatred of Bush, constantly attacks Republicans, and excoriates Democrats who don't oppose Bush root and branch. When four American contractors were killed in Iraq in April 2004, wrote, "I feel nothing over the death of the mercenaries. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them." This repulsive comment produced no drop-off in page views. This was what the left blogosphere wanted. Kos was an early enthusiast for Dean's campaign for Democratic chairman and disparaged other candidates." (US

Isn't it amusing that the left constantly squirms at the mention of Ann Coulter...(They HATE that she can write Constitutional scholar under her name and Al Franken has to write SNL alumni) but none of the Top right-leaning blogs are nasty and all of the A-list left blogs are worse than Ann on her best day...

Again with the Purple Peace Pledge...

Last year I posted about a pledge that was sent home from “Stepford Elementary” with Justice and the saga that ensued (Peace Dilemma)
Well, here we go again. See here's the thing, I have no quarrel with promoting peace. It's naive in a world populated with human beings, but it's a wonderful (if unattainable) goal. What I *do* have a problem with is two-fold.
First, I have a problem with the demonization of our military and first responders (which I believe this does).
Second, I have a problem with SIX year old signing a pledge of an ideological nature -especially when (for most children) it means they will lie…

I have no problem with most of the pledge...and instead of making a bigger deal than it deserves this year, I'll just have him sign it without checking this one:
"________I pledge to practice peace, not war or fighting, when I play. I will not play war games or violent video games. I will not play with pretend weapons. I will not pretend to kill someone when I play."

His Halloween costume involves a giant bloody machete, he owns three army costumes, a special forces outfit, a SWAT suit, etc. and Mace and him capture and kill Bin Laden in our backyard at least three times a week...

I am also thinking I should call the ACLU and see if they'll represent me. I feel very offended that my child is being inculcated with an ideology. This is a GREAT school academically, but they need to stick to English, math and science and leave the ideology to me. I feel undergoing fertility treatments to get pregnant, pushing for three and a half hours to give birth, breastfeeding for sixteen months and giving up my career to be home every second of his life has at least earned me that right. Think they'll take the case? ;)

Caption It...

...just for you ID. ;)

It's a TIE:

"Oooowwww, sthop that, yourrrr hurrrrrrting meeeeeee." ... "Hmmm, where have I heard that before?" -ID and "Two Priests walk into a bar. The bartender says, "what is this, a joke?" -Long TabSigo

Oh, and can someone put out an APB on RUSS!

In the Sandbox...

More Milestones That Matter
"The 2,000 servicemembers killed in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom is not a milestone. It is an artificial mark on the wall set by individuals or groups with specific agendas and ulterior motives. In some cases, this could also be creating news where none really exists.

The 2,000th soldier, sailor, airman or Marine who is killed in action is just as important as the first who died and will be just as important as the last to die in this war against terrorism and to ensure freedom for a people who have not known freedom in more than two generations.

The true milestones of this war are rarely covered or discussed: the troops who have volunteered to serve their country in time of war; the families that have loved ones deployed for a year or more that continue to support them and await their return; the Iraqi people who volunteer to join the Iraqi Security Forces (police and military) in a time of war who stand in recruiting lines that can become instant targets for the terrorist and when attacked, return the next day to stand in line again and continue to volunteer to make their country safe; the Iraqi citizens going to work each day to provide for their families and to make a better life; more than 10 million Iraqis who voted for their future — for the rule of law — on Oct. 15; the children who go to school each day who didn’t have that opportunity before; the water projects that have brought drinking water to areas that have not had it before; doctors and nurses treating people in new clinics and hospitals that were not available in the past; and the members of the Iraqi government who have become instant targets for the terrorists because they want to govern a free and democratic Iraq. These are the daily [events] that deserve your and our attention.

Those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom here in Iraq — the U.S. forces, coalition forces and the Iraqi people — deserve to be honored — not used by individuals or groups with maybe-less-than-honorable motives. Those actions do not pay tribute to their sacrifices or the sacrifices of their families.

Celebrate the daily milestones, the accomplishments they have secured and look to the future of a free and democratic Iraq and to the day that all of our troops return home to the hero’s welcome they deserve."

-Army Lt. Col. Steven A. Boylan, Multi-National Forces-Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

...OIF girls...
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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Have you heard this term..."FITZMAS"? I hadn't until last night.

I guess I'm allowed to talk about this...
A while back I was invited to sit on a "Blogger panel" at the Philadelphia Inquirer and the big event took place last night. I wanted to tell you all about it before it happened, but I wasn't sure what I could/couldn't say. I know it's a bit ludicrous, but I'm still not sure what I can divulge...

This is Philly, so I was the token conservative on the panel. I was actually going to make a shirt that said "Token Conservative" to wear, but then I remembered the lesson I have learned in this medium over the past year...the left has no humor. So, I just wore a big cowboy buckle, cowboy boots and a cross because I figured that said the same thing. LOL.

The other panelists were: Atrios (his blog is Eschaton and he is the second biggest lefty blogger after Daily Kos), Suburban Guerilla (HARD CORE left- also has a big following), Things Thrown Away Five Minutes Ago (who was billed as "straight news" with no leaning, BUT all his links are left and his politics are left), and Afro-Netizen (also left, but a REALLY cool, articulate and witty guy who I will be linked in my "left" section).

Anyway, I'm not going to get into the panel itself (which was attended by reporters and editors from the paper and a throng of Temple University journalism students), but the recurrent term "Fitzmas" that was cleverly inserted about 23 times.

This term refers to the "gift" of indictments that the left is praying (ooops, they don't do that) hoping that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will bring down against Karl Rove, Scooter Libby and (their real dream) Dick Cheney. Apparently there is already clothing and websites specifically dedicated to "Fitzmas" carols and wishes (it has also already made Wikipedia). Is it me, or is this a bit...well, immature comes readily to mind. Wasn't it the left that has screamed for YEARS about how Clinton was the victim of a gleeful, vindictive right? Wasn't it the left that has consistently said "it was just a blow job", when in fact it was perjury? Why are they so indignant about (suspected) perjury now, when back then it was billed as a "technicality"? Is that blatant hypocrisy I smell wafting through the air?

Just as they felt "it was just a blow job", we feel "it was giving the name of someone that worked at a desk at the CIA" and that ANYONE that sat outside the building could have known that she worked there as her car drove in and out over the past SIX years. So, did they expose clandestine paper filing?

Their Fitzmas joy has been postponed...there will be no indictments today. Don't mind me if I decide to be the Grinch for this (alleged) holiday.

Nomination Withdrawn

Harriet Miers has just withdrawn her nomination to the Supreme Court. Bush says that he has "reluctantly accepted her resignation from the process". Now we know that she really is Bush's friend. Thank you Harriet for doing the right thing.
I hope we don't regret getting what we wished for...


For those that haven't really gotten what the fuss was all about --and those that were mad that conservatives were "fighting within the family", these are just three of the cases that are set to go before SCOTUS (*Please note that MOST of the them are being brought or are represented by the ACLU):

Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, 04-1144
: ACLU fights to overturn the law requires doctors to notify a parent at least 48 hours before performing an abortion for a teenager (teenager = under 15 who couldn't be given an ASPIRIN in school without parental conscent). (source)

Rumsfeld v. FAIR, 04-1152 : (The Solomon Amendment) This Amendment denies federal funds to any university that bars military recruiters because the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is inconsistent with the university's generally applicable nondiscrimination rules. (source)

Gonzales v. Oregon, 04-623 : It will be reviewed whether the federal government improperly undermined Oregon's Death With Dignity Act by threatening doctors with revocation of their license to prescribe narcotic drugs if they assisted in implementing the Act. (source)

These are just three of some very serious cases that will come before this court. They will most likely be tasked to review the merits of ROE, the Patriot Act and therefore how we deal with the threat of terrorism in the US. We can't "trust" the President on this one...we have to KNOW for sure.

"'Trust me' government asks that we concentrate our hopes and dreams on one man; that we trust him to do what's best for us. My view of government places trust not in one person or one party, but in those values that transcend persons and parties. The trust is where it belongs--in the people. The responsibility to live up to that trust is where it belongs, in their elected leaders. That kind of relationship, between the people and their elected leaders, is a special kind of compact."
-RONALD REAGAN, Republican National Convention, Detroit, Michigan, July 17, 1980.

Jay, from Stop the ACLU, has interviewed the president of the Alliance Defense Fund (one of the leading defenders of America from the Communist/Socialist agenda of the ACLU) -You can go read it here. If you want to join the fight to reign in the ACLU and stop their taxpayer funding, please visit Stop the ACLU and register.

In the Sandbox...

Soldiers of HHC, 116 BCT Awarded Combat Action Badges
FOB WARRIOR, Iraq – Sixty-three Soldiers of HHC, 116 Brigade Combat Team were awarded the Combat Action Badges (CAB) by 116th BCT Commander, Brig. Gen. Alan Gayhart in a special ceremony October 19, at Forward Operating Base Warrior.

The Soldiers were personally awarded the CAB by Brig. Gen. Gayhart, for coming under attack and engaging hostile forces in Iraq.

Brig. Gen. Gayhart commended these Soldiers of HHC, 116 BCT for their efforts here in Iraq.

The 116th BCT was mobilized in support of the global war on terrorism in June 2004. The unit’s multi-faceted mission in Iraq includes security training and operations, aiding the Iraqi government, supporting economic and infrastructure development, and facilitating communications.

The 116th BCT includes headquarters and staff sections, two armor battalions, a mechanized infantry battalion, a support battalion, a field artillery battalion, an engineer battalion, and various intelligence, signal, and specialized units. The 116 BCT is one of several Army National Guard units deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. (by 116th BCT PAO, CENTCOM)

...USAF girls...
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Long Talk With CBFTW...


One of the only things that I really miss about my pre-motherhood life is the ability to retreat from the world with a day or two with a book. I still manage to read, but it has to be late at night while after everyone is asleep if the book is to receive my undivided attention. This is the reason I am a little late in reading Colby's book.

So, I whined a bit about not wanted to do the same old's a good book, go buy it...etc. That's all obvious right? I mean, I wouldn't have a blog if it weren't for this cat. Anyway, I wanted to be able to tell you all some things that you may not know -things that weren't on the blog or in the book.

As if firefights in Mosul weren't punishment enough, I made the poor dear talk to me forever on the phone last night. What a brave soul.

Let me just start out by saying something that hasn't been said and needs to...CB's book is not a regurgitation of the posts on his blog! There are posts in there, but they only comprise a small part of the book and they have been filled out to include the things that he couldn't say in theater. (Basically, don't think you've read the book if you followed the blog). This book gives the "back story" to the small slice we were reading on his site. All of the things that we could only guess about what was really happening (i.e. the Jello Biafra letter).

One of the first things I asked the deep voiced, but soft-spoken Colby was if he knew the level of concern there was for him. I told him about all the emails that passed back and forth when he wasn't posting...wondering if he was OK and how could we possibly find out if he wasn't. He seemed shocked (and flattered) to hear about this. Obviously he was aware of his cult following (my words), but didn't seem to realize how deep people's feelings for him actually went. We talked about what a great dynamic this medium was --drawing the American public into the reality of this war and the fact that men and women fighting it are real people that are in harm's way. CB looks at milblogging as a great connection between soldier and civilian that provides support and encouragement to the soldier and information and reality to the readers. He seemed truly grateful when he talked about all the emails, packages and support that he recieved...none went unnoticed or unappreciated!

I think the reason I was drawn to CBFTW right away was that ever-present hint of sarcasm in his writing -and that was completely borne out in his book. The Man (as in tesco) was probably getting annoyed because I kept reading him bits out loud that I was laughing over. There is nothing better than a true (effortless) smartass ---and Colby is that. I was telling him that one of my favorite things he posted was when he talked about the Iraqi girl that lifted her veil as she drove by him and he asked, "Did I just get flashed?" Sadly, that was something that was cut from the book. In the book, the two “mandatory letters” to his parents are priceless, as is the time he gets wasted on the FOB. That part was so "money".

Both the book and the website were full of mixed messages. A quote or painting about peace and a post to follow about the joy of explosions. That's CB's draw; both sides feel like he's on their side --like they can make him their mouthpiece. I wanted to know if that bothered him, if he got aggravated when his comment section became a political forum. He was quick to answer that he loved it and that he read each and every comment. I was surprised to hear that was his favorite part and all the comments-not the actual posting- was what became his addiction. He remembers so many people that came to his site by name.

I went easy on the praise about the book and the site because when talking to him you get the impression right away that he is not completely comfortable with all this attention. He is not trying to get famous and act like a rock star, but is actually quite humble and unassuming which is all the more endearing. He was recently blindsided by a reporter when he was asked (on air) if this book was written for "blood money". In light of the slew of milbooks that are being released now, people need to remember that CB was solicited to write this book -he didn't go seeking this.

It took me about a day and a half to read the 354 page memoir and I was bummed when it was done. I wanted to know more (then again, I always want to know more). I thought of 1,000 more questions after we hung up --lucky for him…

So anyone that hasn't bought/read this book yet really needs to. It's an insight into the war, into how the Army is struggling to handle this new expanding medium of the blogosphere, into the journey of a skater turned warrior and a refreshing glimpse into the diary of a Stryker soldier with no political agenda.

You know that feeling you get when your friend has a baby, and it's actually cute and you're so relieved that you don't have to lie. That's how I felt when I was done with Colby's book. I knew that he was a great writer, but I was afraid the editor's would tame him too much and that maybe his real voice would be stifled. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Thank you CB for giving us this behind-the-scenes look, thank you for being the inspiration for so many people and the catalyst for so many blogs and friendships that have been forged because of you. You are the BlogFather!


(If you have already read CB's book and you want another snippet - you can go here and read this essay that he wrote).

Children's Rights VS. "Civil" Rights

New Jersey has done something that I feel is quite gutsy and cutting edge. This may sound cliché on a conservative site, but how long before the New Jersey chapter of the ACLU cries foul...

NJ Sex Offenders Have Halloween Curfews and Restrictions

"Sex offenders subject to Megan's Law supervision will be subject to a Halloween curfew for the first time in New Jersey.

Offenders must be indoors by seven o'clock and can't answer their door when trick-or-treaters come calling. They can't attend parties where there are children and can't take any children, including their own, out in search of treats.

The curfew applies to the day that a town observes Halloween.

The rules were issued by the state Parole Board in a letter to offenders.

The board supervises about 2,200 sex offenders in New Jersey."

Not to leave PA out of the mix --they have taken decisive action also --and the ACLU is all over this one.

Newborn taken from mother who is married to a sex offenderAn emergency court order was attained to remove a newborn on Tuesday that was born to a father who was convicted of rape and sodomy and a mother that has a history of drug use.

Here's what the ACLU is saying:
"I think they're sending the message that if you or any member of your family screws up, you can kiss your parental rights goodbye," said American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Mary Catherine Roper, who represents the mother, Melissa WolfHawk.
The 53-year-old father, DaiShin WolfHawk, did not attend the hearing but said he was "just shocked" by the judge's decision.
"I thought I was living in America," he said.

Hopefully, this new vigor in protecting the most vulnerable of our country is becoming the new America. Nothing would make me happier.

(*Thanks to Liz for both stories)

The New School Prayer

Now I sit me down in school
Where praying is against the rule
For this great nation under God
Finds mention of Him very odd.

If Scripture now the class recites,
It violates the Bill of Rights.
And anytime my head I bow
Becomes a Federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple, orange or green,
That's no offense; it's a freedom scene.
The law is specific, the law is precise.
Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall
Might offend someone with no faith at all
In silence alone we must meditate,
God's name is prohibited by the state.

We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks,
And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.
They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
To quote the Good Book makes me liable.

We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen,
And the 'unwed daddy,' our Senior King.
It's "inappropriate" to teach right from wrong,
We're taught that such "judgments" do not belong.

We can get our condoms and birth controls,
Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.
But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,
No word of God must reach this crowd.

It's scary here I must confess,
When chaos reigns the school's a mess.!
So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
Should I be shot; My soul please take!

(*Thanks to Teri for this)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Female Blogerati

Yesterday I went through the top 100 blogs in the TTLB Ecosystem and low-and-behold, only 12 of them are run by women. One of those 12 is Arianna Huffington's blog, so that shouldn't really count because she isn't posting everyday -that takes us down to 11. About three of those 11 are personal blogs so we'll remove them also. That means there are only 8 female political bloggers in the top 100 blogs. The top (most successful) four are: Michelle Malkin (#2), La Shawn Barber (#26), Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (#45) and Wonkette(#49).

Why do you think it is that women are so poorly represented in the Political slice of the blogosphere? It seems to me that they dominate the personal blogs.

I have a theory about it...

Having a political blog opens you up to every kind of criticism (even from the illuminati...LOL). In real life I have never had a man (or a woman for that matter) scream at me and call me the C-word, but I have received hundreds of emails that have. To maintain a political blog you have to be willing to steel yourself to nasty comments, degrading emails and people having the freedom of being able to hide behind a keyboard and say things to you that they would never have the nerve to say if they were standing in front of you. I don't use technorati anymore because of this. If there are horrible posts being written...I don't need to know about them. Anyway, I may be wrong, but I think it is this open hostility that keeps women from engaging in this corner of the 'sphere. has decided to introduce seven female political bloggers --all of which have successful blogs even if they haven't cracked into the elusive top 100. Yours truly is one of those that agreed to be interviewed. It was one of the reporter's questions that inspired the thoughts about the inadequate showing of females in this arena...
(My Interview)

I would love to hear other opinions about this...


The first time I heard anything about Venezuela was when Pat Robertson proclaimed that we should assassinate President Hugo Chavez. I barely gave it more thought than assuming the leader must be a pretty twisted cat for Robertson to make that statement...

Then I read an article about the Venezuelan President making plans to take their military from 50,000 to 2 million. That a National Guard is being formed to fight Americans in the same way the Iraqi "insurgents" are waging war. Hello? Am I missing something here? Is a tiny country like Venezuela even on the radar screen of the US or does this man just want to be hated like his dictator idols? Are these delusions of grandeur resulting from a Napoleon complex or is this actually an issue?

"Chavez loudly asserts that George W. Bush has secret plans to invade Venezuela and assassinate him. He told Ted Koppel's Nightline last year that the US code name for the project is "Balboa," and he offered to share with Koppel documentary proof about it. He added: "What I can't tell you is how we got it, to protect the sources, how we got it through military intelligence." (source)

Here's a bit about Chavez:
"To his critics, he is using democracy and a social agenda as tools to attain authoritarian goals. In the process, the traditional watchdogs of democracy -- the media, advocacy groups, and other actors in civil society -- have been weakened by a bullying government." (source)
He has forged alliances with:
Iran, Libya, Cuba (he considers Fidel his mentor) and before the war- Saddam Hussein (in 2000 Chavez became the first national leader to break the international isolation imposed on Iraq after the 1991 Gulf War by traveling to Baghdad).

I don't claim to know anything about the struggle (if there really is one) between the U.S. and Chavez. The more I read though, the more it became clear that this befriender of the world's worst regimes is bound to be the new darling of the left...move over Che and Castro! I am sure Oliver Stone is already en route to produce the documentary...

Caption It...

I know its not 10 acres an a mule, but it's more than my party has given the black community in years! -Free0352

Keep it clean kids... ah, why bother... ;)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Raising Racists

Lamb and Lynx Gaede, comprise the band "Prussian Blue". They have been performing since they were nine years old (they're now 13) and, unlike Avril Lavigne or Hillary Duff, they're not singing about boys and teenage angst...their message is one of white supremacy.

The twins' mother and grandfather are both white supremacists (his cattle brand is a swastika) and they have been raised (and home-schooled) with this message of race separation and superiority.

You can hear one of their songs: Sacrifice. It praises the efforts of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer. Their producer says it's no different than much of the "gansta rap" that glorifies "killing whitey" --and I may have to agree with that a bit. I wish there wasn't either.

Personally, I find this disgusting...and sad.

Here's the thing though...what is modern day America doing to help this? How can we say this is wrong when we have other race-separating things like the "Black Movie Awards". It always seems to me that the ones looking to "make things even" are the ones highlighting the distinctions. Why can't there just be AMERICANS --no hyphens? Just "Movie Awards" with nothing before it, for the most deserving of all races? As long as the hyphens remain and we divide ourselves...there will be a bigger opening for people like April Gaede...raising tomorrow's racists.

Another Frivolous Ridiculous Lawsuit

On October 10, 2003 Scott Bolton and another inmate (Selenski) attempted to escape from Luzerne Prison in Luzerne County, PA. During the escape Selenski pushed Bolton through a window (they were escaped with sheets tied together) to speed him up. Bolton fell and suffered serious spinal injuries that required several months of hospitalization and confined him to a wheelchair.

Scott Bolton has FILED A LAWSUIT against the prison and many of the corrections officers that blames them for his injuries. He claims that if security would have been tighter "it would have foiled his breakout". I swear.

"Bolton’s suit alleges the guards were negligent for failing to detect the cell window had been pried apart, and for failing to make their rounds on the cell block. It seeks damages from commissioners, prison board members and prison officials for failing to ensure the prison was run properly."

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Warden Gene Fischi said when told of the suit by a reporter Wednesday. “I guess it’s like the old saying. If someone robs your house and slips on a roller skate going out, they’re going to sue you.” (source)

Sad thing is, in this day and age...he'll probably win.

This War is For Real

You know I rarely re-direct you to an article to read...but this is one that I think deserves the time. This is an editorial written by Major General Vernon Chong (Dr.), USAF, ret. and it discusses the realities of this "War on Terror" and the consequences of not taking it seriously.

Here's a sample:
"What is the Muslim population of the World?
25 percent.
Isn't the Muslim Religion peaceful?
Hopefully, but that is really not material. There is no doubt that the predominantly Christian population of Germany was peaceful, but under the dictatorial leadership of Hitler (who was also Christian), that made no difference. You either went along with the administration, or you were eliminated. There were 5 to 6 million Christians killed by the Nazis for political reasons (including 7,000 Polish priests).

Thus, almost the same number of Christians were killed by the Nazis, as the six million holocaust Jews who were killed by them, and we seldom heard of anything other than the Jewish atrocities.

Although Hitler kept the world focused on the Jews, he had no hesitancy about killing anyone who got in his way of exterminating the Jews, or of taking over the world – German, Christian, or any others.

Same with the Muslim terrorists. They focus the attention of the world on the U.S., but kill all in the way – their own people, or the Spanish, French, or anyone else. The point here, is that just like the peaceful Germans were of no protection to anyone from the Nazis, no matter how many peaceful Muslims there may be, they are no protection for us from the terrorist Muslim leaders, and what they are fanatically bent on doing – by their own pronouncements – killing all of us "infidels." I don't blame the peaceful Muslims. What would you do – if the choice was shut up, or die?"

Go Read the Article...

In the Sandbox...

Soldiers Destroy 4 Bombs Before They Go Off
BAGHDAD — During combat operations Oct. 22, Task Force Baghdad Soldiers found and destroyed four bombs before they could detonate and harm Iraqi civilians or Iraqi and U.S. military forces.

The first improvised explosive device, made from two 120-millimeter mortar rounds, was discovered by Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division in east Abu Ghraib in the early-morning hours. An explosive ordnance disposal team destroyed the bomb through controlled-detonation procedures.

Another bomb was discovered by 2/22 Inf. in the same area several hours later. It was also destroyed by explosive experts.

About one hour later, Soldiers from 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry, attached to 1st BCT, 10th Mountain Div., and Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 3rd Iraqi Army Brigade discovered a 155-millimeter round in west Abu Ghraib which appeared to be an IED in the preliminary stages of construction. Bomb experts removed the ordnance from the area.

In the early afternoon, 1/11th ACR Soldiers came across a vehicle near the same area of Abu Ghraib which contained two 30-pound propane tanks and five 120-millimeter mortar rounds. After the area was cordoned off and secured, explosive experts destroyed the bomb, which was determined to be a vehicle-carried IED.
(by 1/10th Mountain Division PAO, CENTCOM)

...the girls at Ft. Campbell...
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The carnival is UP

This week's edition of the Carnival of the Recipes (#62) is up at Fishtown Chatter. David, this week's host, is from my second favorite state and an area on the coast that I haven't yet been too...but it looks beautiful. We will be in NC for a long weekend very soon! David did a great job this week -so go check it out. The winter is the best time for new recipes...they can help combat the blah feeling that the lack of sun brings (at least here in the north east).
Some of the things that caught my eye:
Eyeball Soup (because, as Justice says, Halloween is NOT about being "cute and fuzzy")
Halloween PUMPKIN cake (are you seeing a trend here...)
Potica Bread
Go check out everyone's hard work!

Have fun kids -- I am finishing up CB's book keep it down OK. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good Deeds Can Be Painful

Yesterday Mason's pre-school class went to the "Old Age Home Around the Corner", in their Halloween costumes, to sing for the residents. Somehow I got roped into staying and helping out. The folks there all seemed to really enjoy it --and the kids were troopers...going to four different floors to sing their little songs.

Truthfully, it was depressing as hell. The kids were scared to death of these people, that resembled the skeletons in the decorations, and smiled at them with wide toothless grins as they coddled the tattered baby dolls in their laps. I didn't see any of the kids smile -even though I begged Mason to do so. The residents gave the kids candy and the children reluctantly handed them little Candy Corn people that they had made themselves.

As I stood there listening to "We'll scare you when we say BOO!" for the fourth time, I was looking around the room wondering about each of these people whose families didn't see fit to house them... They weren't just shriveled carcasses-they were people. He could have been a POW or a fighter pilot, and she the homecoming queen or a math prodigy. They each had a life and a story, but here they were. Left to spend their final days watching my kid in his Batman costume looking at them all with dread.

I never take naps. I'm just not a nap person, but I came home yesterday and crashed. I guess it was just too sad.

There was no shortage of Superheroes on hand... (Mason is the Batman on the far right)

(Yes, that's my Mace--twice the size of all the kids in the class even though many are older than he is... Now you can see why we called him BamBam when he was a baby LOL)

Pajamas to School

Liz sent me this link that discusses the new phenomenon of PJs as outside wear. Is this going on all over the country --or is this a Philly/Jersey thing?
At first I thought it was a fluke, you'd go into WaWa (convenience store) and see two girls in flannel pajama pants and slippers (or soccer sandals and socks) and I'd just think, they needed tampons or some other emergency item. Then I started see them in the mall and coming out of school buses...
Justice's school, Stepford Elementary, has even begun selling flannel PJ pants in their school colors with the school name emblazoned on the waist band. The Man wishes that things were still like the 40's and 50's when everyone always looked good -the men in hats and suit jackets and the women smart and sexy...but alas it seems we are sinking further into appearance apathy than emerging from it.

A senior in the article had this to say:
"They may be comfy, but it makes you look trashy and it gives you the idea you can just slack off for the day."
You will not be seeing either of my children leaving the house in bedroom attire -at least while I'm breathing.

What Type of Intelligence do you Possess?

Your a Verbal Linguistic. Your probably pretty good
at expressing yourself. You love to read and
write and sometimes wish you could become one
with your books or peices of writing. Your
strong point in school is probably english. You
should become a Writer of somekind maybe a
novelist or a news paper writer.

What Type of Intelligence do you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, October 21, 2005

I can't even think of a title...

By now everyone has heard about the "mother" (LaShaun Harris) whose "voices in her heard" told her to strip her babies naked and "throw them to the sharks" over the San Francisco Bay bridge...which, disgustingly enough, she did.

As I watched the story, and the faces of those three small children, all day yesterday Cig's impassioned arguments about mandatory sterilization kept dominating my thoughts. So un-PC and seemingly so necessary. Here's the thing -if a mother is doing heroin while pregnant she can be involuntarily hospitalized to make her stop. The court always looks at what's in the best interest of the baby. It's part of our social contract. So why are diagnosed schizophrenics and bi-polars free to procreate? I won't even go as far as Cig with sterilization, but how about those implanted birth controls? I think it's reasonable...and in the best interest of any children that would be born to someone with "voices" in their head. (I also think it would be appropriate for mothers on welfare and those with children already "in the system")

I don't think this is a heartless stance. It should be about the kids. I can't take anymore of these stories...

So, the question is:
Should There be Mandatory Birth Control for the Seriously Mentally Ill and Chronic Welfare Mothers?

Mandatory Birth Control?
No, never.
In Extreme Circumstances
Only if there has been previous abuse.

Bye Bye Viagra...

No more federal money for Viagra! Republicans in Congress have sent a bill to President Bush that would stop all Medicaid payments for erectile dysfunction drugs. I have NO IDEA why taxpayers are paying for this to begin with...
"...the government would save $690 million over five years by eliminating subsidies for sexual performance drugs."
"A survey by The Associated Press earlier this year showed nearly 800 convicted sex offenders in 14 states received erectile dysfunction drugs filled by Medicaid." (source)

...instead of using this money to help old white dudes with their trophy wives, this money will now go to storm relief if the bill is passed.

(*Thanks to Liz for this story)

He Almost Jumped...

...and that would have meant one less corrupt politician in Philly.

Yesterday was a day that made some Philadelphians flash back to Budd Dwyer (did that make national news back then? The guy that blew his head off on live TV during a press conference?)

"With threats of a federal indictment looming over his head, Philadelphia City Councilman Rick Mariano [Democrat] perched on the observation deck near the top of City Hall [about 500 feet up] late this afternoon before Mayor Street and Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson talked him down." (source)

Corrupt Democratic councilman sitting under William Penn's feet ready to end it all --and it didn't even make national news... I guess there wasn’t room with all the important talk of Delay's mug shots.

Completely Shallow Post...

Yesterday justrose and I were talking about celebrities that pick their children's perspective biological parent based on genetic material alone. Madonna, Jodi Foster and Melissa Ethridge. How can you have all of Hollywood to choose from and you pick David Crosby? There were no *cute* musicians?

Anyway, this discussion evolved into -who would each of us pick to donate DNA if we were shallow Hollywood types and given the opportunity to procreate that way. Whose genetic material would look best combined with yours?

She picked Marcus Schenkenberg (I think Joaquin Phoenix was second).

My picks:
Tyson Beckford

...and if he wasn't available, Goran Visnjic

Your top two picks would be....?

(*We've known each other since we were four, so what else are we supposed to talk about...LOL)

In the Sandbox...

Iraqi Security Thwarts Insurgent Efforts to Stop Referendum

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20, 2005 – Increased numbers of Iraqi security forces and government-implemented precautions combined to thwart insurgents' desire to stop the Iraqi Oct. 15 constitutional referendum, a senior U. S. military officer said today in Baghdad.

Roughly 63 percent of registered voters -- about 10 million Iraqis -- went to the polls to vote on a new constitution, Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, a spokesman for Multinational Force Iraq, said.

Officials reported "a significant reduction in the number of attacks" during the referendum compared to during the Jan. 30 elections, Lynch said.

For example, he said, there were 299 attacks across Iraq on Jan. 30, while there were 89 on Oct. 15. And, he added, there were 88 insurgent attacks on polling sites during the Jan. 30 election, compared to just 19 on those sites on the day of voting for the constitutional referendum.

The insurgents "have declared war" against the establishment of a democratic process in Iraq, yet they "were not able" to derail the referendum, Lynch said.

There was an increase in foreigner-conducted suicide attacks in the days and weeks leading up to the referendum, Lynch said. However, he said, those assaults proved ineffective in stopping the voting.

The insurgents failed to disrupt the referendum largely because Iraqi security forces were actively safeguarding polling places and other areas, Lynch said. Also, Iraqi-government ordered curfews, roadblocks, and weapons bans curtailed insurgents' mobility and ability to conduct terror operations.

U. S. and coalition forces served in a backup role for the referendum.

Today, more than 206,000 trained and equipped Iraqi soldiers and police are on the job, Lynch said, compared to about 138,000 available during the Jan. 30 elections.

Improved security provided by Iraqi security forces has influenced more Iraqis to help out in elections, Lynch said. For example, he said, about 110,000 Iraqis had applied to be poll workers for the Jan. 30 elections. In contrast, Lynch said, there were 450,000 applicants for those positions for the Oct. 15 referendum.

With referendum voting over, Iraqis will select a new government during December elections, Lynch said.

"We're very happy for the people of Iraq as they work their way towards democracy and a new life," Lynch said.

The mission in Iraq "has not stopped," Lynch said, adding, "Now is not the time for complacency; now is the time for increased awareness. "

The insurgents, Lynch said, "are still there. They still want to derail the democratic process. They still want to discredit the Iraqi government, so operations continue." -By Gerry J. Gilmore, American Forces Press Service (CENTCOM news)

...Ft. Drum girls...
one, two, three, four, five, six

Thursday, October 20, 2005

social media

My "Illegals" Quandary

There have been tons of talking heads, championing one side or another, after Bush and Michael Chertoff's (long overdue) tough speech about our borders and illegals.

I'm confused. Pundits for both sides keep talking about all these jobs that Americans "don't want". They keep saying that our economy "needs" these workers. Can someone explain this to me. If there is even one person receiving welfare that isn't disabled in some way --how can we need these workers? As of June 2003 there were 4,955,479 welfare recipients in the US. How can there possibly be jobs for illegals? Isn't the premise of welfare that you can't get/find a job? Who cares if these are jobs "people don't want"... What is a job that someone doesn't want? A job isn't's work. I know The Man certainly doesn't have fun at his job -crawling around all summer in 140 degree attics...

This is what happens with me. I watch Katrina coverage and have compassion and ache and cry for these destitute people. Then I see statistics and hear about all the jobs that “aren't good enough” because it's easier to pick up a check than wash dishes and I lose compassion. It's really a shame for those that desperately need the helping hand -that will always be stigmatized because more people abuse the system than truly need it.


Imagine you are being abused by your stepfather. He has done the vast gamut of unspeakable things to you. Each day as you hear his footsteps your heart races, your stomach churns. Some days he comes to your room and others he walks by your door -but the terror is always the same because you never know what's coming. This goes on for years and you don't dare tell anyone or ask for help for fear he will find out and your abuse will get worse...or deadly.

Then imagine someone finds out and fights to have you removed from the home and have him imprisoned. Then comes the day when you get to see him in court, in shackles, humbled and about to face charges for all the things that he did to you. Imagine the joy and relief you feel.

This is what I imagine the Iraqis must have felt as Saddam sat in his old palace yesterday morning and listened to the charges that will be brought against him. I sat there smiling for each widow and widower, each orphan, and each and every torture and rape victim. I am sure they never thought they would see this day...regardless of what the naysayers at the NYT are saying.

Where are McCain & Feingold?

I am not a supporter of the so-called campaign finance that was instituted with McCain-Feingold -as it didn't reform anything but the expertise in loop-hole maneuvering.

That being said, since it was in fact signed into law, all things should be equal and Geena Davis' new series "Commander in Chief" should be subject to those laws. Anyone that believes there is no correlation between Hillary's coronation on '08 and this series is seriously deluded. Not only were the Clintons the darlings of Hollywood fundraising efforts, but it is thought that Bill had dalliances with Sharon Stone and Babs spent a night at the White House when Hillary was out of town with her sick mother. Hollywood would love nothing more than another Clinton in the Oval office.

So this ABC series is a giant infomercial for the Hillary presidency. They believe that it will make the idea of a female presidency commonplace to the pea-brained red-staters by the time the next election rolls around. Tons of the Clintonistas are on staff at the show...including the infamous Sandy Berger (where is the federal investigation into those stolen documents in his underpants?)

Geena Davis was on Oprah talking about the show. Oprah RAVED over the fictional character and what a "big deal" it was. Big Deal? It's just a show...right?

Funny, somehow all of Condi's massive accomplishments don't seem to be a "big deal" at all... imagine that.

Overheard in the House of Sage...

"How do they get the milk out of the cow's 100 penises?" -M

"What is sex?" -Me (gauging what is really being learned in first grade)
"It's what happens when you get famous, you know, being that right?" -J
*Relief and prompt subject change.*

In the Sandbox...

Donations Help Iraqi Children Chase Soccer Dreams
BAGHDAD – In Iraq, $10 can buy a lot of goodwill.
"Just ask Soldiers from 4th Brigade Combat Team who regularly give Iraqi children soccer balls they receive from U.S. donors.

“If someone feels good about giving us 10 soccer balls, and we go out on a patrol and make 10 friends and a favorable impression with the families and children … That’s a $10 dollar investment that has a priceless payoff,” said 1st Sgt. Mark Barnes of B Company, 4th Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment.

The regiment went a step further by delivering more than 140 boxes of soccer and office equipment to a soccer league Oct. 10.
As Iraqi and U.S. Soldiers unloaded the supplies at the stadium, hundreds of Iraq children practiced soccer on the green field under the watchful eyes of their coaches.

League founder Amu Baba said when they first started the league the field was in terrible condition, but he and the coaches worked to get it back into shape.

There are 350 children, ages 6 to 14, in the camp and the goal is to prepare them to represent Iraq on national teams. The children come from all over Baghdad to participate in the league.

“Soccer gives these kids hope,” Barnes said. “Every one of these kids dreams of playing soccer professionally or playing on the Iraqi national team.”

But there are other benefits to the kids being part of the soccer league.

“I think that if they are able to have a successful sports league and the children are able to experience the same type of happiness and healthy competition that we do in the United States, it’s healthy for their families and communities. The children will grow up healthy and competitive,” Barnes said.

Baba, often called the Pele of Iraq, feels this is the way to bring the children of Iraq to peace and help teach them to be good and keep them off the streets.

The more than $30,000 worth of supplies was donated by businesses and organizations in the U.S. and is part of a continual stream of donations from concerned citizens, Barnes said.

“The support is fantastic,” he said. “It’s been my experience everywhere. … that there is all kinds of support for this. People want to do what they can do, and they see this as a means to be able to do something.”

Barnes explained that his company has received a lot of support from his hometown, companies and private organizations all over the country, and he and his Soldiers want to show the people of Iraq that they care about their security and their children." -Staff Sgt. Raymond Piper, 4th Brigade Combat Team PAO (Centcom news)

CENTCOM Press Release from Afghanistan

...girls of the Army...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Even on Drugs, Rush is Right"

So, even though I am sick to death of the whole Plame-Gate business (no, it's not out of any Rove-apologist's just boring), King Conservative Rush has been the only person to manage to make the topic the least bit palatable.

The witch hunt (and speculation) is on about will there be indictments?", "who will they be against?" and the drooling has begun...AGAIN. The left has been searching to create Watergate for 5 years.

First it was the 2000 election, then it was WMDs, then National Guard-gate, then 2004 Ohio election...and now Katrina and Plame-gate. Rush nailed it --this is all retribution for Ken Star and the blue dress. I buy that 100%. The same guys that were out there standing up for Clinton are now chastising the SERIOUS CRIME of lying under oath. All over the news shows the Clintonistas are letting the public know that even if Rove or Libby didn't "knowingly out Plame" that being in CONTEMPT to a grand jury is a SERIOUS CRIME. Geez, it's a shame that the average American, watching the news while they scarf down their meatloaf dinner, will never catch on to the irony of it all.

I guess it's too much to ask that Democrats attempt to win back the House and the Senate in 2006 on the MERITS OF THEIR BELIEFS and IDEALS...or on their SUCCESSES for the American people.

(*Also, on H&C last night Rush was asked who he liked in '08 (who was the most "Reaganesque"). George Allen was the first name he said -that's right folks, I said George Allen was my first pick back in July… GMTA)

SUVs: Evil Necessity

I have never read much (or cared much) about the debate over SUVs. I am assuming that "they are evil" because they use more gas than a Ford Escort. The flaw in that thinking is that you can't fit a family, the dog, the cat carrier and your luggage or soccer/hockey gear into a Ford Escort. What are you supposed to do if you have a family?

I guess celebrities and the ultra-rich-left can complain about SUVs because they have private jets, and I'm sure that an Explorer takes much more fuel than a jet...

They don't really make station wagons anymore, but the thing Cherokee is smaller than the Country Squire Station Wagon my parents used to have (complete with faux wood paneling). My Jeep also gets very close gas mileage to the Mazda 626 that I used to have. Also, what about the SUV mom (that's me) that barely drives compared to the Escort person that commutes 45 minutes to work each day. Aren't they using way more gas than I do?

When you have kids you become paranoid about the foibles of other drivers (at least I did) and want them to have the best chance possible if the worst should happen. That Escort has no chance against a Hummer, a Ford F250 or (God forbid) an 18-wheeler...the SUV gives a little more chance. Are mini-vans evil also? I am not sure how they fall in the "SUVs are evil argument". I wonder because, like the archaic station wagon, my Jeep is smaller than any minivan.

The reason that all this was swirling through my head this morning is because GM needs to make huge cuts in promised pensions and payouts and people are mad. The thing is that GM can't compete with the foreign markets that don't have to pay workers these benefits... The kicker though is that the reason GM is losing so much money is because SUV SALES ARE DOWN. So, just like the anti-smoking lobby...the anti-SUV lobby needs to think out their wishes. SUV sales down -business (Detroit) falls. Smoking banned and how many thousands (millions?) out of work...

My Twisted Brain

Lately I have been having all these useless epiphanies. Strange meaningless little things...

Here's one:

Everyone wants relationships, opportunities, meetings, interviews, etc. to be about "what's on the inside". We tell our kids that all the time, "It's what INSIDE that counts honey." We want it to be so --even though it never is.

Some women with little girls ban Barbie and her 38-24-38 figure and shield their daughter’s eyes when Victoria's Secret commercials come on. "You want a man to love you for YOU" ...and all that other wishful thinking.

I began to wonder if people really ever could care first and foremost about what was on the inside. Could we ever have a world were looks were secondary.

We could. If everyone was pretty. If a man walked into a room with 50 beautiful women, that would be the first time personality WAS the most important factor.

Sad that the only way to achieve what everyone wants would be to embrace the very thing everyone is fighting against.

Plastic surgery for all! LOL

Breast Milk saves a veteran's Life...REALLY!

Three truant teenagers on a bus in NY set a Vietnam Veteran's wheel chair on fire (Aren't kids great?). The chair rapidly became engulfed in flames. When Francis Abrams (who had lost his left leg in Vietnam) began screaming for water a new mom doused him with freshly pumped breast milk.

"The nursing mother's fast actions helped save Vietnam vet Francis Abrams, 57, from becoming a human torch, and stopped the fire from engulfing the S-54 bus, police and the victim said.

"It was put out with breast milk," said a police source, who was awed by the bizarre incident that happened just after 11 a.m." (source)

The mom had acted as soon as the fire had begun to spread to Abrams' jacket -the back of his wheel chair was melted, but he was unharmed...thanks to BREAST MILK (hear that TDFP! LOL)

Just one more reason folks... ;)

(*Thanks to PRM for sending this story!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Principal With Fantasies of a Communist Prom...

It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I am 100% AGAINST the self-important principal that decided to cancel his Long Island school's Prom this year because he felt "it was too decadent". Please. That's what the prom is all about... (*They didn’t take a vow of poverty buddy*)

There will always be rich kids and poor kids -so are you going to cancel your life because you can keep up? Here we go again --I am sure that the Democrats are like, "Right on! That principal is awesome--damn those evil rich kids and their ability to buy a Vera Wang when some kids have to get an off-the-rack ZumZum". These kids need to get off their asses. The Prom was something to work for, keep your grades up for... I used to clean people's houses so I could buy my dress and all the accoutrements. If you can't afford your own limo, you do what we did and pool together with a few other couples.

What lesson is this teaching these kids? That when someone has more than you, you just drop out? When in life do you get out of something because someone else has an advantage? Come on, poverty breeds creativity --so you won't have the most expensive dress/tux there, but you can certainly have the most interesting. (Case-in-point: This Pic is from one of the poorest school districts on the East Coast) Learn to live in the real world -if you were born poor, you will most likely always struggle. There comes a time you must maximize what you have and stop complaining about what other have that you (most likely) never will.

What false lessons are we teaching these kids?
(*thanks to Liz for this story)

Civil Unions for All...

The ONE thing France does right (aside from the shoe shops that is) is their policy of civil unions for all and religious ceremonies only if one so desires.

Do you know how many problems this would solve here in the U.S.? The "gay marriage" debate is off the table (talking a 'flame' point out of the political debate), two old ladies -that are straight- could get a civil union so there could make medical/financial decisions for each other and no one that isn't adhering to church wishes would be married under a religious pretense.

Many on the right Scream about gays being married as the Bible is clearly against it. I get that argument, but you can't be hypocritical about it...why aren't you screaming about Scientologists getting married? I don't know any gay men that believe in the powers of clay tables and magic underwear. Or how about all the atheists and agnostics that are married? Does it make sense that you would rather an Atheist than a religious gay man is married?

Truthfully, I'm not really comfortable with gay "marriage" either. The Bible is pretty clear about that. I often wonder why any gay person would want to be married. Why label yourself with a religious term that doesn't want you. I know the feeling. The Man and I couldn't get married in a church. My religion wouldn't "unequally yoke" anyone. I respected that because the Bible also says that's a no-no. We went to a JoP.

This doesn't mean that I don't think everyone should have all the same legal rights. I DO. This is why civil unions for all would solve this dilemma...then you guys will be sorry you got what you wished for when you're hit with the marriage penalty too... LOL.

How Strongly Do You believe in Free Speech?

Neo-Nazis say their point was proven and they want the opportunity to march again. Should the Mayor deny the permit...can he?

Free Speech
Should Neo-Nazis be Allowed to March Again in Toledo?

A Chance to Ease his conscience?

Senator Teddy *hiccup* Kennedy attempts to rescue someone from drowning.

In the Sandbox...

10th Mountain Soldiers Witness Historic Vote, Work With Iraqi Army
"Oct. 15 was not much different from any other day except that these 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, soldiers had an opportunity to witness a historic event - Iraqis voting in a democratic constitutional referendum.

"It was great to see the Iraqis get the chance to express their opinions," said Army Pfc. Francesco Borsellino, of B Troop, 1/71 Cav. "The Iraqi army and Iraqi police displayed themselves professionally and were well disciplined. Their performance was excellent."

Army Pfc. Warren Lewis, also of B Troop, attributed the performance of the Iraqi security forces to "all their hard work and dedication." He said Oct. 15 was "a memorable time" in his life and could be "a turning point" in history.

"It feels great to see the Iraqi people get the freedoms they have been denied for so many years," Borsellino said as he came off of a security patrol the evening of the voting. "Any step toward democracy is a step in the right direction."

"We take these freedoms for granted in the U. S. ," B Troop's Sgt. Andrew Kisz said. "And it is uplifting to see that a regular practice to us, such as voting, brings the Iraqi people so much enjoyment.

"The performance of the Iraqi security forces was no different than my previous encounters with them," he added. "Today, they were setting up a perimeter around the polling sites. They were disciplined and focused on the mission at hand. "

Iraqi security forces took the lead in securing polling sites while coalition forces played a backup role, assisting with outer perimeter security, officials said. "Seeing all the Iraqi forces coming together for a common goal was a good indication of how well they are coming along," Kisz said. "It is very rewarding to see democracy in action in a country that has been denied such freedoms for such a long time. "

"A lot of things went right," Army 2nd Lt. David Strickler of Company B, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, said. "The Iraqi army did an excellent job, and I was impressed."

"I totally believe in what we are doing here," Army Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Dennison, of Company C, 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, said. "We worked hard in preparation for the referendum. It has been awesome conducting operations with the Iraqi army." (Compiled from Task Force Baghdad news releases, CENTCOM)

...the girls of Ft. Hood...
one, two, three, four, five, six

Monday, October 17, 2005

Joke of the Day

While visiting his niece, an elderly man had what was apparently a
The woman drove wildly to get him to the emergency room. After what
seemed like a very long wait, the E.R. doctor appeared, wearing his
scrubs and a long face.

Sadly, he said, "I'm afraid that your uncle's brain is dead, but his
heart is still beating."

"Oh, dear," cried the woman, her hands clasped against her cheeks with

"We've never had a Democrat in the family before!"

(*Thanks to AB)

I found this on a DNC-Gear website... Maybe it's just me, but I thought it was a bit odd (or just more honest than I'm used to...?)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Carnival of the Recipes: No. 61

...In response to the U.K.'s banning/contemplating banning of porcine pop culture icons...

Techno Gypsy has a recipe posted for Pork & Peanuts that has sesame seeds, a splash of sherry and is served over rice.

David from Third World Country is definitely "dishing" with his Infidel Casserole.

Michele over at Meanderings has offered up a Zesty Tomato Rice recipe that calls for diced pork. Michele, like the rest of us wonders why poor Piglet is being targeted. Ideas anyone?

AFSis has submitted a yummy pork dish from Her Side of the Puddle. This recipe for Pork Tenderloin with Scallion Sauce, but be sure to read the TINS that accompanies!

World Famous Recipes has kindly submitted a plethora of recipes that call for "the other white meat" this week. There is Yankee Barbecued Spareribs, Sweet 'n' Sour Pork, Tangy Stir-Fried Pork, Seasoned Pork Roast, Smothered Pork Chops, Stuffed Pork Chops, pork chops idea, Boston Butt Pork Roast and Pork in Bourbon Maple Marinade. get them all here.

Over at Everything and Nothing you will find a lovely Spicy Spaghetti Crockpot recipe that requires some Jimmy Dean sausage. I love dinners that I can make in the crock pot!

Cat House Chat proprietor RomeoCat has difficulty getting pork dishes right (me too!), but promises this is an easy one: Apple-Horseradish Pork Chops.

CalTechGirl offers her "favorite piggy recipe": "Blasphemous" NC Barbecue (a.k.a. Crock-Pot Piggy). Great news, it's another crock pot recipe!

Boudicca has posted her family recipe for Scotch Base Pork Tenderloin. This dish has an orange marmalade glaze and sounds well worth the effort!

Richmond at One for the Road has submitted a recipe for Hickory Ham Sandwiches. She developed the recipe after having it in a restaurant. I love it when people can do that.

If Smoked Pork Loin Roast sounds good to you, head on over to Entropy Manor where Will has posted the recipe and a picture that illustrates how moist you "other white meat" will be.

I am definitely going to try the Bacon and Ham Toast that was submitted by Martin at Ego.

In the Headlights has offered up some Chateaubriand Sauce that she normally serves over steak, but that would also be decadant over a pork tenderloin.

Donna from Pajama Pundits was jonesing for some Snickerdoodles, which is good for us because now we have the recipe!

Apples are seriously my weakness. Seriously Good will be the cause of added crunches to my work out with this Dutch Apple Pie (not to mention the Pork Burgers I just found while looking through the site!)

Kewee, over at Kewee's Corner has also aided in adding torture to my workout by submitting this Brownie Cheesecake recipe. Yum!

Mensa Barbie has offered up her Raspberry Dream Puffs. They have raspberries and strawberries (and a bit of Grand Mariner) and sound devine.

Over at The Secret Life of Shoes, Tinker has posted two really cool Halloween desserts: Skeletal Hands and Creepy Witch’s Fingers. I am definitely making those witch fingers for the little one's Halloween party at school!

Two Dogs, who runs Mean ol Meany has a recipe for Bloody Mary's that includes a "big 'ol pork chop"...think that was just to get in the Carnival this week! LOL.

Emailed Submissions:

"Just mention someone beating-up on Pigglet, and it makes me wanna have a
nice Quarter-inch Pork Chop. Below, is our humble contribution.

1 15-20 lbs. PERNIL (Fresh Leg of Pork - NOT CURED HAM but FRESH)

1 Big head of garlic
2 Teaspoons of black pepper corns
2 Tablespoons salt
1 Teaspoon of crushed oregano
2 Tablespoon of olive oil
2 Tablespoons cider vinegar


With a Sharp Filet Knife (Neffi's favorite part), carefully de-skin the Leg
of Pork so as to finish with one continous piece of skin,
Set aside the skin on a tray/large plate,
Score the Nekkid Leg of Pork.

Now, take out your Pilón (Mortar & Pestle),
Peel all the garlic and throw the cloves into the Pilón,
Add Salt, Pepper Corns, and Oregano, and Mash to a paste,
Add Olive Oil and Vinegar to the Paste.

Now, it's time to give Mr. Piggy some lovin':
Stick your hands into the paste, and tenderly massage the paste into every
crevice of Mr. Pigglet's Hind Quarters,
Ahhhh - That feels good - Mr. Piggy - That feeeels goooood!!!
After this deep-tissue massage, the nekkid Mr. Piggy is ready to be dressed
Carefully cover Mr. Piggy back into his skin; just like swaddling-up a
diddle baby.

It's best to tuck Mr. Piggy away, on top of a baking rack inside a deep
baking pan for nite-nite, so as to leave him to marinade for 8-hours or so.

Pre-heat your oven to 225º,
Bake for 12 to 15 hours at 225º. (Start checking the inside temp after the
10th hour with a thermometer),
When the internal temp reaches 165°F, that piggy is in heaven.
The best way is to cook your pernil overnight, the night before. It will be
ready when you wake up and your house is filled with the aroma of the

My bride & I, have been making Mr. Pigglet for every Xmas since the early
90's, to a resounding success."

Anyone that would be interested in hosting The Carnival of the Recipes, please email This Address and write "HOST" in the subject line. Submission and posting times have changed to make it easier for hosts. Recipe links must be in by NOON on SATURDAYS and hosts can post on Saturday or Sunday.