Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who's Your Baby Daddy?

Recently I have heard many on the right chastising Maury and Montel for being as "bad as Jerry Springer". Personally, I have no problem with any of them. I think Springer's show is silly because, much like the Osbourne's, you can't even follow what the people are saying with all the beeps. If you're going to have a show like that, it should be on HBO. As far as the "morality" of it (or lack there of) --it's not my business and I subscribe to the "if you don't like it, turn the channel" theory.

I don't watch daytime talk shows (Oprah lost me when she let Cameron Diaz say that if Bush got elected "Rape would be legal" without correcting her), BUT I would watch the "Paternity" shows all day long. I know, it's terrible, but OMG! Can you imagine four men come out on the stage and are all paternity tested and NONE of them are the baby's father? What are these women doing out there?!

I always figured the reason that women would subject themselves to that humiliation was because they couldn't afford to do DNA testing themselves (will the state pay for it if you don't know who to put on the birth certificate or who to sue for support? I have no idea). Some industrious person, probably sitting at home watching Mr. Connie Chung all day, has created a Home DNA Testing Kit. Can you believe we now live in a world that has a large enough market for this?! It's $375 for the DNA analysis and all results are "documented, notarized and admissible in a court of law". I couldn't find if they give a discount if multiple tests are needed...

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