Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tougher than "America's Favorite Pastime"...

...That would be HOCKEY. Last night was a Pre-Season game and the arena was almost full. (Oh yeah, and the Flyers won against NY 5-3).

Baseball still hasn't recovered the fans from their strike. Correct me if I'm wrong (since I find baseball the only thing more mind-numbing than when I was studying for GREs or watching a school play), but baseball didn't even strike the whole season. The hockey fans forgave and came out in droves to welcome them back. One guy had "GREEDY" written where a player's name should be on his jersey and a "$" sign crafted from duct tape where the number should be. I was going to point out to him that his little protest lost its impact considering HE WAS AT THE GAME...but, since I was with the little man I decided to keep my mouth shut for once.

I have to say that the whole not-playing-for-a-year was pretty evident. The first period was like watching a high school hockey game and the puck was alone on open ice most of the time. Thankfully it picked up in the second period (thanks to the two players pictured above: Johnsson & Brashear)

It's been a long time since I've been to a game...and the advertising is borderline nauseating. The plays are even bought... "The Flyers have another PECO power play" --"That was a Temple University Replay". The Zambonis were "Bud Light" and "US Air force". The Chik-fil-a "Eat more chicken" cows danced around distracting you from plays. (We won't even get into the fact that the first floor is basically a mall)

Justice loved it. He was scared to death at first because of the 90% angle the seats are on (he told me he was "struggling" with sitting there), but by the end he was dancing with his giant #1 Styrofoam ($9!!!) hand trying to get on camera.

I love hockey crowds. Maybe it's a Philly thing because Philadelphians aren't the most gregarious people...but at the game it's all of us against them (made better when it's NY). There is a tangible feeling of comradery that doesn't really exist in any other setting...

Being a girl and liking hockey gets you a bad rap in Philly, but I could care less. I love my Flyers and I don't have big hair, wear scrunchy socks, or black eyeliner under my eyes and no white Keds for there.

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