Saturday, September 03, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss...

  • It's All About The Kids...
    KIDS OF KATRINA SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE: Michele of A Small Victory is working hard to get this up and running. You can get all the information there, and here too. I know everyone wants your money, but what a GREAT cause. All these displaced children are going to have to start school in a strange state, with no clothes, and no supplies... Whatever you can do to help (or by spreading the word) would be GREAT!!!
    Email Michele if you can help!

  • The Politics of Katrina & The Atrios Fan Club...
    The most that I have allowed politics to enter into Katrina was linking Robert Kennedy Jr.s article blaming Bush & Barbour for the storm... I have been tempted to say more, but it seems I don't need to do a roundup of how politicized this has become on the other side of the aisle. The esteemed Jeff G. of Protein Wisdom has done a great roundup of all the moonbattery here and here. Enjoy... He also has this to say about the Eschaton (Atrios) fan club meeting in Philly this weekend:

    "Atrios / Eschaton folks are going forward with EschaCon this weekend—ensuring that Philadelphia will be forced to endure a gathering of concentrated hatred not seen on earth since ‘73, when the young Regan MacNeil was forced by a demon to masturbate violently with a crucifix.
    ...Though to be fair, the Duncan Black groupies making the trip are not the Secretary of State of the United States. Not because they couldn’t handle the job, mind you—just that, well, it’s hard to run our diplomatic corp from the corner booth at Starbucks." (source)

    Sorry, was I giggling out loud?

    Well, at least they're honest...Here are the real shirts for the event...

    (Here's the event schedule...
    12:00pm: How to manage 12" long armpit hair
    12:30pm: Keeping your Birkenstocks looking their best
    1:00pm: Group grieving session over Dean's Yaarrrggghhh!
    1:30pm: Group discussion: Do conservatives really have horns?
    ...well, you get the idea...)

    Beth also has a post up about Code Pink and their "Red Cross collections".

  • Has The Ghost Returned?
    For those of you that enjoyed my coveted guest post by the incomparable might be happy to know that he has posted again on his site. I don't know if this means a return to the sphere is on the horizon, or if it's a whim. Whatever the catalyst, enjoy it while you can. I think I might start a Ghost '08 site soon ;)

  • Philly Refuge...
    "Mayor Street today said the city will house up to 1,000 families battered by Hurricane Katrina, and to spend $1 million to provide food, transportation, medical and counseling services and other needs for the storm-ravaged Southerners.

    Street said the city would use homeless shelters, public housing units and some private housing as well. The mayor said he expects Philadelphia to be in shape to accept busloads of the displaced families as soon as Saturday morning. He estimates that city could house 3,000 to 5,000 people." (source)

  • Blog Designs For Hurricane Relief
    Over at Apothegm Designs they are going to have bidding on two custom blog designs and proceeds will go the American Red Cross to aid Katrina victims. You can read all the details on Phin's blog.

  • Food!
    Carnival of the Recipes #55 is up at The Glittering Eye... make sure to check it out for Labor Day ideas...
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