Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things that make you want to scratch out your own eyes:

  • Do you remember the story about the woman that was taken hostage by Brian Nichols (the man that shot up the Atlanta courtroom)? Her name was Ashley Smith and she was said to be an "Unlikely Angel" (the name of her new book) for talking this violent man down with talk of God and Jesus. Turns out that it was some crystal meth that she had lying around that did the trick... Oprah had her on -no shocker there. I hope no one buys this woman's book.

  • Just another tidbit of proof that our country has become so Politically Correct that I often wonder how it actually manages to function... Firefighters that signed up to go help on the front lines in the Gulf (Katrina/Rita Relief) were instead rerouted to a conference room where the underwent sexual harassment and sensitivity training...through FEMA on the taxpayer's dime.

  • Dr. Jerry Edwards, from Little Rock, Arkansas, is offering Katrina victims free abortions. "Doctor Edwards is doing a humanitarian relief service in his field. Whether you are a homebuilder or a transportation provider, he is among those providing an important function and I commend him for doing so," said Marvin Schwartz, spokesman for Arkansas-Oklahoma Planned Parenthood. So, I guess this is tax-deductible?

  • Those defending al Jazeera as a legitimate news organization may be interested to hear that not only is their reporting sympathetic to Al Qaeda...they actually hire members of the mass-murdering terrorist organization. One of their reporters was found guilty of "collaboration with a terrorist organization"...but al Jazeera is standing beside him. Surprise, surprise...

  • Mother Sheehan has claimed that 9/11 was "not and act of war, but a crime"... She is now charging for her appearances. Please, someone get this woman a voice coach so I don't have to listen to her mousy, shaky little voice any more!
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