Sunday, September 04, 2005

Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist

Justice Rehnquist, 16th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, passed away last night. He will be virtually impossible replace on the high court. He was wise, he voted for States' rights over federal power and he understood that he was a law interpreter and not a policy maker. I would be hard pressed to find one of his votes, opinions or dissents that I disagreed with.

Bush hasn't been acting like a President who doesn't face re-election when it comes to the war in Iraq and our border invasion...let's hope he remembers why we voted for him when it comes to Supreme Court appointees.
The three (most important) reasons he got my vote:
1)Win the war in Iraq without the pressure of re-election (Hint to Administration: Media must go)
2)Hopefully the folly of healthcare and schooling for illegals will become clear in light of all that will be needed in New Orleans for our own citizens...
3)Supreme Court Justices. Clinton had no problem appointing FAR LEFT candidates to the court who refused to answer any questions on the grounds that a similar case may come before them --and Bush should (must) do the same with strong conservative (non-legislating) judges to replace O'Conner and the late Justice Rehnquist.

Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist
October 1, 1924–September 3, 2005
You will be missed...

"Liberals and conservatives alike should realize that in Justice Rehnquist we had a great man. His legacy will be as one of the most intellectual and greatest Supreme Court Justices ever."
-Lanny Davis, Former Clinton White House Special Counsel

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