Thursday, September 15, 2005

Spotlight on the Left - Part I

Jonathan Kozol

Jonathan Kozol is one of the sole architects credited with the "politically correct education" that is predominant in American public schools today.

He is esteemed in progressive circles because of his disdain for traditional education and his push for non-neutral education. He believes that teachers should use their classrooms to push progressive/liberal views and to fail to do so would "deaden children's souls". Kozol's views were gleaned from his admiration for the school system in Cuba (yes, you read that right). "There is a sense, within the Cuban schools, that one is working for a purpose and that purpose is a great deal more profound and more important than the selfish pleasure of individual reward." (source)

At the end of one of his books, On Being a Teacher, Kozol provides a list of resources he believes teachers should use. The list predictably is a litany of left-wing publications and liberal organizations, but also includes the information agencies of the Cuban and Chinese governments "where teachers can get worthwhile classroom materials". (source1, source2)

Kozol is personally responsible (or his influence is) for many of the worst aspects of public school: The “Blame America first” mentality, the “everyone is a winner” phenomenon and the glorification of socialism, communism and dictatorships. How scary is it that a Castro-admirer is setting the academic pace for your children. Yes, it's reading things like this that make home schooling much more attractive. Ask Londoners if a dose of patriotism is a bad thing to find firmly implanted in your citizens...I think their views would be a bit more anti-Kozol after July 7th...

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