Saturday, September 10, 2005

Someone HAS to say it!

New Orleans, Louisiana
...about 70% Black
...about 75% on public assistance
...under democratic leadership for about 60 years
...Democratic Black mayor
...Democratic female governor

1) If Democrats are the Saviors of African Americans, how do you explain those statistics? They had that many years of liberal reign yet the city is completely impoverished with an off the charts crime rate?
2) What would the reaction have been had Bush overridden state's rights and taken over against the will of two Democrats -an African American and a woman?!

The question isn't 'does Bush care less about poor Black people"...The question should be why are there SO MANY poor Black people in a state/city that has been run by Democrats for decades. New Orleans sounds a lot like Philly (but way worse). A snap shot of the complete failure of liberalism in action. A picture of the dependant voter base the democrats create with their cradle to grave welfare.

How the hell is it Bush's fault that the governor didn't let the Red Cross in with supplies --or that the Mayor didn't use the buses as outlined in the evacuation plan? Is this only glaringly obvious to me? Is it too uncomfortable to blame their own?

If you want to talk about blame --let's put the blame where blame is due... on the YEARS and YEARS of Democratic power that allowed such poverty to fester and grow and ensure that people couldn't afford to leave their homes without their next welfare check. Even in the wake of a category 5 storm. Sad... If you want to talk about race, let's talk about it. Why is the Democratic party against school vouchers? Why don't they want to give these kids a chance to get out? Why subjigate them to that life?

New Orleanians... You need to come over to the party that will train you, employ you, give you a self-worth you have obviously never had. A party that will not use you to create a dependant, impoverished voting base with you and then tell you aren't smart enough or able enough to make it on your own! Rise up and take control of your own life instead of letting a bunch of assses tell you what you are capable of!

Viva New Orleans!

Update: You MUST watch this slide show from start to finish! Seriously. (Thanks to the Rottweiler for this GREAT link). I finally get it. I understand why people stayed and help didn't come --and YOU have to watch this to understand. The photographer lives in the French Quarter and takes you through 5 days worth of pictures. After the storm has passed the weather is beautiful and life resumes -there is minimal to no water... It all came clear through this... Watch it! (You may want to scroll through manually instead of watching it as a slideshow because his commentary is valuable to the pictures and it goes a bit too fast to read as a slideshow).

Also, Da Goddess touches on Oprah's outrage. Great post.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, Lorzmom of Keystone Soldiers has a POST UP at "Philly Future" that details how you can help the troops that have been deployed to the Gulf region.
Please call 610-944-6328 (in the Philadelphia area) if you want to make arrangements for drop off or pickup for the list of items detailed in the post. If you are not in the Philly area you can go to Keystone's site and make a donation through Paypal. Please go see what you can do to support those that are on the front lines of the Katrina rescue efforts!!!

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