Thursday, September 08, 2005

Some Things Don't Change With Age...

...and I was thinking about that yesterday as I was looking at how cute Jutice looked for his first day of first grade.
I don't agree with dress codes for elementary and high school kids. I hated wearing a uniform in grade school and was SO happy when I transferred to a high school that had a dress guidelines (as in no micro-mini skirts and no concert t-shirts), but no specific code or uniform. I didn't agree with them then --and now that I am the parent and it would make my life a lot easier...I still think it's wrong. I am so glad that Justice's school allows for freedom of expression in that manner.
When you are young how else to express yourself but through how you dress? It's a rite of passage. It's an identifier. It's bad enough the schools are communistic with the whole "we're all winners" and "everyone gets a trophy" even if you suck thing. Then they want them to be faceless cogs...uniformed drones. Way to suck out someone's creativity and stifle them in the height of their self-discovery. It doesn't "even the playing field" either. You will still know the kids with money because their shoes won't be from Payless and their book bags will be Land's End and not Wal-Mart.
How I dressed in high school was my rebellion (half-shaved head, black-tipped hair, lots of leather, bleached jeans held together with safety pins and my Dad's army gear) I didn't need to do "secret" things, because my rebellion was right there in your face. It was healthy and age-appropriate.
I guarantee it will be the faceless, uniformed drones will have to do *other things* to rebel...
(Case-in-Point: Did you ever party with Catholic school kids when you were in high school?) ;)

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