Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Socialized Medicine

Brace Yourselves...I may have to turn in my GOP card after this...

The Man and I have decided that we are on the side of Hillary-care and Socialized Medicine...Yes, you read right...Canadian-style national health care for all...!!!

We don't care if we consistently come home sick after well-visits because we sat in a waiting room for three hours with deathly ill people. We don't care if we end up dying on the waiting list for routine surgery. We don't care if our doctor has no idea who we are and we are just #347,898 & #347,899 on his dusty chart.

As long as it screws the insurance companies, the malpractice lawyers and the drug companies...we have decided that we *must* support it. The insurance companies must be stopped...

We are a family in good health. Aside from The Man's accident, no one has been to the hospital or doctor (other than routine checkups and vaccines for the kids) in YEARS...or ever. YET, we pay $700/mo for health insurance. Do you understand that means we have paid TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING over the past three years? $25K. That is SO ridiculous I can't even fathom it. It's completely unacceptable.

Let's understand why insurance costs so much... we'll do that by taking a look at
my hospital bill from when Justice was born (*note: This is only *my* section of the bill..."baby boy" bill was a separate entity and totaled $10,366):
We'll look at four items--
"Pharmacy": Do you know what I had for $812 dollars? One needle in my spine (Spinal not an epidural) and 2 Ibuprofen. EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWELVE DOLLARS.

"Respiratory Care": I had no oxygen. Justice did and it's on his bill, but I didn't, so I have no idea what this $77 is for...they let me breathe hospital air?

"Laboratory" & "Blood Processing": They tested Justice's blood because we had the RH factor thing happening, and that's on his bill...but why is it on my bill also? And what's the difference between lab and blood processing? I had no blood work done. That's $922.

It was over $20,000 to have Justice...yet two years later at a different hospital it was only $11,000 to have Mason...?
The insurance companies might as well be wearing ski masks.

So, Riverboat Pilot, I'll give you this post. I'll join your cry for cattle call socialized medicine...but *you* have to admit that Cindy Sheehan is a disgrace. It's called bi-partisan compromise...

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