Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sheehan Descends on Philly...Wanna Go?!

Monica and Trek...and all the other rare species that make up the Philly Conserva-bloggers, Did you know Ms. Cindy Sheehan will be in Philly as of today?

Rally Against the War at 5th & Market Sts Friday evening from 5pm - 7pm at Independence Mall.
Do you want to go? We'll be undercover moles with cameras and tape recorders...How fun! (Should we stop shaving so we don't stand out?) To sweeten the pot, not only is it Ms. Sheehan and the Gold Star Families, BUT also the AFL-CIO. Anti-war protestors and the unions all in one place... No, I won't say it... I.won't.say.it.

Go here for the entire schedule. Thanks Albert ;) This would be worth getting a sitter for...think of the pics for Monday's post!!!

I found this in an Air America Chat room in regards to the impending anti-war marches (my comments are in red). I in no way believe this is a minority view:

"PROTEST WARRIOR, the Nazi-like thugs who disrupt our first amendment right for free speech with their destructive, hateful propaganda, will be infiltrating many of our marches. (So...PW doesn't also have the right to free speech -or is free speech only prog-speak?) They need to be taken out. We need to come up with several ideas to counter them.

Since they are confrontational, and not peaceful, they deserve to be taken out any way possible. (This is such BS I can't stand it --watch any PW video for 3 minutes and you will see it is always the other side that acts like Sybil as soon as PW shows up).

Here are some suggestions:

1. Carry water pistols filled with black paint, and squirt their messages. (Free Speech?)

2. Form a cordon around them, make it tighter, until they relinquish their signs where we can destroy them. (Use Force to stifle free speech?)

3. Just yell at them. The marshals will remove them because they don't want any trouble, and in general they tell the minority to leave to avoit (sic) trouble. If they DON"T remove them, then they will be in compliance with THERE (sic) views and we can file a protest after the march to censor them. (Censor them? The left looking to hide speech, use violence to stop speech and censor speech? Imagine that.)

4. If all else fails, we can get a few people to "take it for the team". In other words, they can physically take away the signs. Of course, this may start a riot and the nazis may arrest us. I would suggest getting a few people from New Orleans who are homeless and are pissed at ANTHING republican. In most cases they will be released and we will treat them as heroes. (I don't even know what to say to that...finding ways to USE the homeless black people...?!)

The (sic) will be filming. I would suggest trying to get their cameras and destroying them. Of course its against the law, but this will get us more sympathy. (PW’s instruction lists before a rally are "show up with a sign and don't do anything wrong".)

The bottom line: Protest Warriors are a MAJOR IMPEDIMENT to our cause and NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT. Since they advocate confrontation and violence, the rules of engagement are clear. Any physical reaction against them, in this case, is justified. ( PEACE rally...????...)

If you want to see their site (which I have decided not to link), it's www.protestwarrior.com. They will be putting up marching orders shortly before they march, so we will have advance knowledge where they are at.

Destroy them so they become irrevelant (sic)!
"Until it is banned, the American Republican Party is, has been, and always will be, America's Ultimate Hate Crime" (M. O. Jekearthe)"

...and in related news, Philly opens a Peace and Social Justice Charter School. It's safe to say that neither of my kids will be in attendance ;)

You MUST look through this slide show of pictures. It will be depressing (in an OMG what country do I live in way)...but it is WILD! Go here and look through all the pics!

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