Saturday, September 03, 2005

Russ Takes Us to the Iowa State Fair...

"The first two are "Skinny" and "Tooter". Skinny is a Charolais bull who weighs 2996 pounds, and Tooter is a Hampshire boar who weighed in at an awesome 1080 pounds. Apparently, his owners tried to feed him Krispy Kreme donuts to fatten him up for the State Fair, but the donuts threw him off his feed."

The "famous" Iowa State Fair butter cow, along with a butter sculpture of Tiger Woods. Why? Don't ask me. Apparently we had a couple hundred pounds of surplus butter laying around...

Here are a couple pictures of the food available at the State Fair. Deep Fried Twinkies? Yummy. The meal pictured was the Iowa Chop I had for dinner, and it was DELICIOUS. The third and last picture is my niece's Simmental heifer sitting in her grooming stall. She showed this heifer on Saturday morning, and did pretty well, considering all the professional "steer jocks" who come from around America to show at our State Fair.

Here are some pictures we took from the sky glider ride that runs over the fairgrounds. The combine is just symbolic of Iowa, so I figured I'd include it for all of you who think Iowa is nothing but hogs & corn (LOL), and the giant slide is a fair tradition. You get on a burlap bag & ride down the slide yelling at the top of your lungs the whole way. I first rode this slide back in 1972 when my folks moved back to Central Iowa from NE Iowa, and it's basically the same now as it was then. The last picture is the sprinkler Pella Windows Company installed in a little flower garden north of the livestock show pavilion a few years ago. The weather Saturday was nice (low 80's), but this sprinkler is a real lifesaver on those 95° days you usually see during the State Fair.

-by Russ from Winterset, House Contributor

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