Friday, September 09, 2005

Peek into My Inbox...

I haven't shared any of my mail in a while, so I thought this would be the perfect little gem to bestow upon you:
But first, let me say this... If you want to engage in dialogue, or sway me to your position --it's probably not a good idea to insult me 50 times before you get to your point. ;)

"RE: Your education is lacking
I was surfing the net and tripped across your foul site. I must say, for an ignorant person you amaze even me. Let me explain, I am not democrat, I am not republican, I am not an independant. I am, for the record, illuminati. And not the evil side of the coin either.

By the words you use you reveal what ring of knowledge you are on to those that know more than you. Care to put that blonde brain of yours to the test? How about a challenge to see if you can hang with a real illuminati?

I'd be surprised if you can expound on these four concepts: fiat, usury, fractional reserve banking, and debt based monetary systems. Give it your best shot blondie. I usually start off with those four and rarely, if ever, do I find a person who knows intimately what these things are. The reason they are so important? The reason is because if you know these things then you have the key to see through an illusion that has been drawn around you like a noose.

Those of us who "see" have more information than you. We know that you are young and are being used as a mouthpiece by evil men. The men you hold so dear in the republican party are serial killers. They are dishonorable. Without accurate knowledge of how the monetary system actually works you will never see through their criminal means and methods. However, once you "see" and know how their scam works then you realize what they are doing, you realize the true reasons for war, you are easily able to see through their lies.

On ANY subject I can beat you. On ANY political topic you are a neophyte. As illuminati I am meme free, which you are not. My knowledge base goes back through Hiram Abiff, Seqenanre Tao II, various mystery schools, all the way to the Summerian Anunnaki. Care to debate a little Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding? I'll understand if you wimp out because you seem like you are all mouth and no brains.

(Is it just me, or were you expecting a cooler name after all that --like Belzadar or something?)

Actually, I do know a little bit about the illuminati (but feel free to correct me if I am wrong about some things...) We touched on it in one of my classes, but it's been a while.
First for the words he wants to discuss:
Fiat= the word for creation. It encompasses all of the elements that work together under God (the father) and the Spirit.
Usury= or charging interest. The practice of making money from nothing (or charging interest to lend money).
Fractional Reserve Banking= The practice of printing and lending money by the Federal Reserve Board. Citizens borrow against the "created credit" using "real assets" as collateral.
Debt Based Monetary Systems= Basically the world's system of paper money, debt, borrowing with collateral, lending and interest --as opposed to worth being traded on tangibles like gold, silver and gems.

So, my question to Ken is... if the triangle on the money we use powers the golden meme power rings --do you use money? Do you have a bank account? A mortgage? A car loan? If so aren't you powering the rings and helping the Feds set the pace of the economy and in essence enabling their world domination through interest and debt?

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