Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Orleans Nursing Home...

The owners of the New Orleans Nursing home that allowed 34 old people to drown in the storm should definitely have to answer some hard and serious questions --and I am in no way excusing their choice not to carry out the "plan" they supposedly had in effect for evacuation...

...but, what about the families of these people? What is it with this storm that makes everyone blame someone else? With every news report I hear my mom's words ringing in my head, "Blame-shifting is a sign of immaturity".

O'Reilly disappointed me last night. He had a woman on whose mother died in that nursing home. She said she spoke with somewhere there in the days before the storm and they told her that if things got bad all of the residents would be taken to Baton Rouge on school buses. She then went on to say that 14 members of her family proceeded to drive to northern Louisiana "and any one of them could have easily picked the mom and the aunt up if they knew they were just going to be left there".

Huh? And Bill said nothing? If you were going to relative's houses would you just go and leave your seventy-something year old mother and eighty-eight year old aunt behind? Would the information that your elderly relatives were going to be shipped off on school buses in a hurricane to a shelter be sufficient for you to pack up and go-- leaving them behind? If "any one of you could have easily picked them up"...then why didn't you?!

Does personal responsibility exist in our culture at all anymore? Hello...anyone?

ALSO...Why isn't anyone talking about the 4,500 SEX OFFENDERS that are unaccounted for due to the evacuation of New Orleans? Families have their small children in shelters and these people could be the next cot. 4,500 sex offenders from 14 parishes.
I think it's wonderful that people are opening their homes to refugees displaced citizens, but they are a lot more trusting than me. If you are thinking of offering refuge in your home --PLEASE check out the sex offender website and make sure the person you are taking in isn't on it (especially if you have kids)!

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