Friday, September 02, 2005

Name Association

The ACLU is pushing for the renewal of the Voting Rights Act (Unfortunately, that immediately makes me suspect of it). I skimmed through the information they have posted and I can't find a glaring problem with it (besides the list of partners, which makes me even more suspect).

Well, except for one thing... Personally, I don't think that people who can't read/speak any English should vote. If you don't speak the tongue, you can't know any of the vital information that you should have to vote. You haven't read articles, listened to debates or assimilated enough to earn the right to vote. In my opinion anyway. If you can't read or speak English you are at the mercy of obtaining only in the information that others explain to you.

Maybe the VRA is a legitimate act that should be renewed (four sections are set to expire in 2007), but this is the downfall of an organization that should be non-partisan that has become extremely political...I find myself mistrusting just because the ACLU's name is on it. A legitimate cause could be hurt purely by name association, and I am sure I'm not the only one that feels that way.
Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit recently said that he finds all the anti-ACLU stuff "silly", and goes on to say that he has worked with them (citing the New Orleans rave case --kind of strange to fight for kids right to chew on a pacifier in the "K-hole", but to each his own...). Glenn definitely has a right to his opinion and a small part of me understands where he is coming from. I think many of the old-skool lawyers also have a hard time ACLU bashing because they were once card-carrying members and remember when the organization did great things for civil rights. The problem is-- that's the past and doing a few decent things here and there doesn't make up for all the wrongs. Many organizations that started with noble intentions have become corrupt (welfare, unions...). It is man's nature to exploit.
I sincerely doubt that the founding fathers had pedophiles, terrorists and NAMBLA members in mind when crafting the Constitution and Bill of Rights... Sadly, the fight for "fairness" has made this a country where the criminals have more rights and protections than the victims...and there is something fundamentally wrong with that.
I blame the ACLU first and foremost for that phenomenon.

Voting Poll
Should You Have to Speak English to Vote?

Yes. No exceptions.
No. Voting is everyone's right!
I'm not sure.
Well, at least a minimal amount of English.

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