Monday, September 12, 2005

Liar or just uninformed?

Over the weekend, a post from a lefty Philly blog was brought to my attention. The author is a snarky little man that has emailed me crappy letters in the past, and because of that I really didn't put much thought into the post (it's actually flattering as I seem to be the main fodder for his blog). Last night I thought about what he wrote and it began to bother me because it was DEAD WRONG. We'll call the author Mr. Snarky Pants.
Here is what he wrote:

"[ALa's] site is a miasma of what can only be described as military porn, photos of soldiers with enormous guns, each labeled "In the Sandbox" as if the War in Iraq, responsible thus far for over 1700 US deaths (possibly more), untold US casualties, and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis who were guilty of nothing, was nothing more than children at play."

Do you see the problem? At first I was annoyed thinking that he loved misleading his readers into thinking that I am some war-mongering Republican that thinks war is some big, fun game and doesn't take death seriously.

Then something hit me. Philly isn't a military town. I am sure that the majority of people that live here don't personally know anyone that was deployed or is currently deployed. They get all their news about the war from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the NYT and CNN, not from those that are fighting it. They think the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen are carrying out an unjust war and murdering how would this guy know that I was not the originator of the word "Sandbox" and this is a nickname given by the troops he claims I don't care about? How would he have any idea that "The Sandbox" is Iraq and "The Stan" is Afghanistan? He is most likely confused at abbreviations too, so for his benefit: OIF is Operation Iraqi Freedom. OEF is Operation Enduring Freedom. MSM is mainstream media.

So, I guess Mr. Snarky pants isn't really a liar. He is just a VERY uninformed blogger.

...Ok, I feel better now.

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