Tuesday, September 20, 2005


We knew it was coming... It was inevitable. Cradle to grave welfare breeds a terrible kind of entitlement in men of all colors, shapes and sizes. I have seen it first hand and now we watch it unfold in real time on the nightly news.

What is a sampling of things being purchased with the $2,000 debit cards? Louis Vuitton bags (*I*, the bag Princess, don't even have a Louie --which run $800+), Flat screen TVs, DVD players, Playstation2 and PSPs... to name a few. I KNOW IT'S NOT EVERYONE, but it's not "just a few people" either. Thank God there are stores that are putting their morals and country ahead of their profits and refusing to sell luxury items to those looking to purchase them with federal money that was meant to sustain needs.

"Retailer Vicki Haniford said she has begun refusing the cards at her store in Illinois. "[Last] Saturday, I had 14 transactions go through from about six different people totaling a little over $1,000," she E-mailed. "They purchased jewelry and a TV with a DVD player. I called the Red Cross and they said unfortunately these people made bad choices when purchasing, but there was nothing they could do.

"This is totally and morally wrong," she says. "Many hard-working Americans donated money to the disaster victims so they could have food and clothing, not buy outrageous items."

"A Louis Vuitton spokeswoman did not respond to a question about whether their chain would continue to accept the distinctive white debit cards."(source)

I am not someone that balks at the idea of rebuilding New Orleans. I want the Big Easy back, but I want it to be done honestly. What does that mean? That means NO tax hikes --funding should come from cutting back PORK (HERE is a list of some of the pork that needs to go). There needs to be a real penny-pincher that is put in place to oversee the entire project. There also needs to be NO prevailing wage paid (where helpers make $27/hr).

This project should be run like Habitat for Humanity...all of the displaced people should be the ones building the houses. Build pride with each brick -neighbors helping neighbors and maybe learning a trade in the process.

...And anyone caught buying Louie bags and Polo jeans needs to be kicked to the curb -with nothing...

(Doc in the Box has a Great Post about the second coming of New Orleans...)

In the Blogosphere, both the LEFT and THE RIGHT pitched in to help Katrina victims… End tallies show that the Left raised: $180,000 while the Right raised: $1,347,493

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