Thursday, September 01, 2005

Join the Blogoshpere in the Blegathon!

...For the victims of Hurricane Katrina...

***HERE is a website where you can type in a location of people you know in the hurricane area to see if there is any information about them.***

If every American gave $10 we'd raise THREE BILLION DOLLARS.

American Red Cross: 1-800-HELP-NOW

Join the Blogs at TTLB that are pledging to help "Katrina Relief" and spread the word today!

There are many more charities listed on FEMA's website. Pick your favorite and GIVE TODAY.

We rant and rave if we lose power for an hour or two...people that still have homes may not have power for months...

There are still thousands of people that may be trapped on roofs and attics with no food or water.

People are wading through water that is polluted with trash, sewage, and human and animal corpses. There is no food, water or place for them to go.

I keep thinking of that old saying...Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

There are babies and children...people with diabetes and heart conditions...

Please do what you can to help today! I know you have at least 10 bucks!

In the comments could everyone write a quote, lyrics, a verse or a memory that helps to get you through hard times...?

Instapundit's Roundup of Participating Bloggers

UPDATE: In yesterday's comments, some brought up the question of foreign aid for Katrina victims (especially in light of American generosity after the tsunami). has a great post up that takes a look at that issue. Good read!

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