Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I bought a 1 gig MP3 player to keep me company on the big bike trip from Iowa to New York which begins tonight, so I’ve been busy lately burning tracks onto it. I’m trying to cover all my "sing along to the radio" faves, and the variety has me darn near embarrassed.

I’ve got a big ‘ol heapin’ helpin’ of Johnny Cash, a smattering of Social Distortion (who do a DAMM fine job of covering the Man in Black, IMHO), some Richard Thompson, and even half the tracks on the Violent Femmes’ debut album. Of course, there’s the usual suspects (Stones tunes from the "Exile on Main St."/"Sticky Fingers" era, CCR, Van Halen), but I enjoy mixing in a little "who the HELL are those guys" with my music. Groups like SAVE FERRIS, HOUND DOG TAYLOR & THE HOUSEROCKERS or THE HOODOO GURUS. One of my guilty pleasures is THE DEAD MILKMEN, a punk group from Philly that one of my dearly departed college roomies turned me onto during Reagan’s second term. I was going through my Milkmen discs and found a song that should have been plastered all over the blogosphere in July and August with all the focus on "Mother" Sheehan and her merry band of retards. If you can forgive me the tardiness, I’d like to share it with you now:


"Wendell brought it to life, in the guest room bathtub
It was a special project, for the 4H club … but
It broke loose, out in the middle of the night
And now it’s eatin’ flower children, left & right!
All the punks are gonna scream YIPPEE!
Cuz it’s the Thing That Only Eats Hippies!

First, it cruised on out to, Malibu
And ate a couple of surfers who were, too tough to chew
So it slithered its way, up to old Irvine
And ate a couple of hippies, and they tasted JUST FINE!
Now it’s got a sweet tooth for long hair
So Bob and Craig and Grant you should beware.

(falsetto) Followin’ the Dead is how it….gets it’s kicks
(growl) Shame it wasn’t born in nineteen…….sixty six
(falsetto) Listens to the music and……begins to sway
(growl) Dreamin’ acid dreams of a ……hippie soufflé

What do they taste like? Some kind of treat?
How many hippies can this monster eat?
It ate Stills and Nash, before they could shout
And then it chewed on David Crosby but it … SPIT HIM OUT!
All the punks are gonna scream YIPPEE!
Cuz it’s the Thing That Only Eats Hippies!"

(There it goes...gonna send ‘em all to that big folk festival in the sky... SO LONG SUCKERS!)
-The Dead Milkmen ("EAT YOUR PAISLEY", 1986)

You can also find this track on the ’97 greatest hits collection "DEATH RIDES A PALE COW", which is a good way to get to know The Milkmen. Their first full length LP, "BIG LIZARD IN MY BACKYARD", from ’85, is another lo-fi classic, which might still be found in stores due to the cult popularity of the single "BITCHIN’ CAMARO" from this disc.

I’ve included an MP3 of the song in question for your enjoyment (I’m not sure of the bandwidth ramifications of this, so I’ll let ALa make the final call, as usual).

I’ll be incommunicado for a couple of days once I get rolling tonight, so I’ll catch y’all when I get back.

-by Russ from Winterset, House Contributor

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